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SSTIC 2017 in a Nutshell

This blog post is a summary of SSTIC, a major infosec conference held in France. As usual, this year’s conference came with excellent presentations. The sessions have been recorded, and the papers are available on the website, although most of the content is in French. For a detailed wrap-up of SSTIC, please read @xme: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 SSTIC is one of the few IT conferences which (1) ask authors to submit full papers, (2) from which you return with information or tools to work on, and (3) whose presentations are mostly...

By Axelle ApvrilleJuly 04, 2017

By Michael PernaFebruary 14, 2014

Threat Research

Android/Fakemart's end: Author has been identified

In a previous post, I mentioned the new scheme used by the author of Android/Fakemart to make money. Basically, the trick consisted of infecting phones to silently and automatically register to play an online quiz and then steal the winning prize. When the online quiz required a captcha, the malware would solve it with OCR. Yesterday, we learned that the author has been identified, a 20-year old man in Amiens, France. We know his fraud was active for a few months starting at the end of 2011. From the number of SMS messages to the author's lines...

By Axelle ApvrilleOctober 19, 2012

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Android malware distributed by malicious SMS in France

Another Android malware is currently in the wild in France, as we have recently discovered. This malware poses as a Flash Player installer and steals your incoming SMS messages by forwarding them to a remote server. We have named it Android/Fakelash.A!tr.spy. Contrary to many Android malware which are downloaded from underground or legitimate marketplaces (see here, here, here, here... ), this one is propagating via a link in a SMS. For example, the victim below complains he received an SMS from 10052 saying "For proper function of your device,...

By Axelle ApvrilleSeptember 21, 2012