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Responsible Disclosure and IoT

Fortinet, like most members of the security community, understands that we’re entering uncharted territory as the Internet of Things becomes a mainstream phenomenon. To that end, Fortinet invests significant resources into threat intelligence and researchers who work every day to discover new vectors of attack and strategies for cyber infection before they can be deployed maliciously. One such vector, discovered by Fortinet senior threat researcher, Axelle Apvrille, allows an attacker to inject unauthorized code onto a Fitbit band over...

By Derek MankyOctober 23, 2015

Industry Trends

Fortinet Fitbit Threat Research Statement

The Internet of Things and proliferation of wireless devices is creating opportunities for threat actors to employ new attack strategies. Fortinet’s threat researchers proactively work to discover new vulnerabilities and properly communicate findings so necessary actions can be taken.   As in all instances, our researchers follow responsible disclosure policies and in this case, Fitbit was notified of the vulnerability in March. Our security threat researcher demonstrated to Fitbit a vulnerability that enabled her to inoculate a...

By FortinetOctober 22, 2015