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When Half the Internet Goes Down Due to a Cyber-Assault on DNS Infrastructure

On Oct 21, 2016, yet another cyber assault happened on a large DNS provider's infrastructure, bringing down websites and services on the east coast of the United States. While it is easy to launch these attacks, the solutions available in the market have not kept pace. FortiDDoS is the only hardware logic solution in the market today that easily distinguishes between attack traffic and legitimate traffic at high rates and keep services up during such attacks. The DDoS attack on the DNS infrustructure of Dyn, a major DNS provider,...

By Hemant JainOctober 21, 2016

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Facebook Adding PGP Encryption Option For Email

While some of everyone's social media presence is inevitably publicly viewable, there are parts that we only want shared/visible to "friends" or other confirmed connections. Facebook, which is already using security tools like HTTPS with HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) to authenticate and secure user/Facebook connections -- and offering a Tor "onion" site for users wanting even more security, announced on June 1 that it will be (slowly) letting (some) users PGP-encrypt the content (as in, message body and attachments,...

By Daniel DernJune 09, 2015

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Beware of "Malvertising" -- Now Even Legit-Appearing Ads on Legit Sites May Be Unsafe

As if using the Internet -- the Web in particular -- weren't already fraught with cyber-perils, users -- in offices on company LANs, as well as home-based and mobile individual users -- have to add "malvertising" to the list of things from which they need to protect themselves. "Malvertising," like the name suggests, means "ads that contain malware." Like other malware infection vectors, some mal-ads aren't dangerous unless you click on them -- but others can do "drive-by downloads," sneaking their...

By Daniel DernJune 02, 2015

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What a Week!

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the last week It’s been quite a week for cybersecurity as Anthem worked through the fallout from their massive data breach the week before, the federal government upped the ante on cybercrime, and Facebook implemented new tools for sharing threat information. But, then again, what week isn’t marked by some serious security news lately? One message came through loud and clear amongst the security news: end users are often the weak link in the chain. Case in point: Jeb Bush. In the interest of transparency...

By Chris DawsonFebruary 13, 2015

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A Botnet Worth Geeking Out Over

You have one new notification! Most people don't think twice about a message from a friend on instant messenger, a link to a funny video from a work colleague, or a USB drive with the latest family album. Most of us also assume the next best cat meme isn't going to offload our banking passwords to a remote server, hijack our system for DoS attacks, or hide all the files on our desktop. Unfortunately, Dorkbot does all of these things. Fortinet's threat research division, FortiGuard Labs reported a 0.98% increase in activity from Dorkbot just...

By Michael PernaJuly 08, 2014

By Michael PernaMarch 28, 2014

By Michael PernaMarch 14, 2014

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Protect Against Social Malware

Valentine's day is just around the corner and of course the mere thought of chocolate and pink hearts bring butterflies to our stomachs. But butterflies aside, there are other things that flutter through your inbox and their intentions are not always friendly. I am talking about STIs, yes, Socially Transmitted Infections. The internet is full of botnets, worms, and trojans, all bent on turning those butterflies into panic. Koobface: A Worm to Die For Among one of the biggest offenders in STI history is the Koobface worm. First discovered back...

By Michael PernaFebruary 11, 2014

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Face Recognition Standards: Privacy Advocates eye Tech Companies with Suspicion

This is a Guest Blog by Jessica Carol Staying under the radar is about to become even harder with tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. beginning to show a greater interest in facial recognition. Rather than letting them simply pick the technology off the shelf and use it in an unregulated environment, the US Department of Commerce will work with them, along with the privacy advocates, to draft a voluntary code of conduct of the use of products that use this technology. The privacy advocates, however, are not convinced about letting...

By Jessica CarolJanuary 24, 2014

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I am 'Datarmined' to secure my Facebook posts

I recently tried an amazing browser extension named Datarmine whose goal is to secure social network posts. It works for Facebook, Twitter etc. The idea is that your posts get encrypted, and only people with your secret key can decrypt it. Others see a fake replacement post (that you can choose). This is a post encrypted by Datarmine. The end-user chooses the text which is displayed to people who are not authorized to decrypt it. (Text in French basically says "I am trying Datarmine"). This is the real post, decrypted from the message above. I...

By Axelle ApvrilleJuly 30, 2012