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By Michael PernaSeptember 27, 2014

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Top 3 Security Considerations Following the Monsanto Data Breach

Every couple of weeks I will do a web search for "data breach 2014" to check for newly reported incidents. On Monday, that was the situation at Monsanto. While many details are still unknown since it was just discovered, there were a number of interesting bits that already caught my eye: As per usual, the breach occurred well before (March) its identification (May). Entry is reported as a compromised server ...given mention of "big data services" hosted on a server next to it, both were likely web servers. It's quite a mix of breached...

By David FingerJune 10, 2014

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Security Threat Landscape: May 2014

This month's Security Threat Landscape with Network World's Keith Shaw and Fortinet's Derek Manky covers everything from the FBI crack down on Blackshades to eBay.

By Michael PernaJune 02, 2014

By Michael PernaMay 24, 2014

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eBay Breached; Passwords Stolen. Change your eBay Passwords!

eBay announced today that a breach of their systems has led to the loss of files containing encrypted copies of their users' passwords. At the moment, it's not known how those passwords were encrypted. Of course, it's hoped that each password was individually salted in order to make decryption much more difficult. Other information stolen in the breach include names, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth. eBay's payment arm, PayPal claims to have been unaffected by the attack, and that PayPal data is "...encrypted and...

By Richard HendersonMay 21, 2014