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Third Time Is a Charm: Patch Redux

In a previous blog post, the FortiGuard Labs team analyzed the implementation of Spectre and detailed the technical implementation of Kernel Virtual Address Shadow (KVAS), which is a key feature used to block the Meltdown attack. We decided to perform a deep dive analysis of the new patch (particularly the patch for x86) and share the results in this blog post.

By Minh TranApril 06, 2018

Threat Research

A Deep Dive Analysis of Microsoft’s Kernel Virtual Address Shadow Feature

One of the key features of Microsoft‘s patches is the “Kernel Virtual Address Shadow” (a term coined by Microsoft), or KVAS for short. This feature effectively blocks the Meltdown attack, as it leaves very little kernel memory accessible to user mode code. In this blog post we provide a deep dive analysis of this feature.

By Minh TranJanuary 25, 2018

Dr. StrangePatch or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying (about Meltdown and Spectre) and Love Security Advisory ADV180002

  Introduction 2018 truly is starting off with a bang: fundamental CPU flaws dubbed Meltdown and Spectre were found affecting pretty much all modern processors developed since the Pentium Pro (1995). These flaws root in two critical CPU features: Out of Order Execution and Speculative Execution, which are crucial for performance. Since this is an important feature and not a bug, it is inherently hard to fix. Furthermore, for performance reasons, speculative execution is almost always implemented in hardware, so “fixes”...

By Minh TranJanuary 12, 2018

Threat Research

A Deep Dive Analysis of the FALLCHILL Remote Administration Tool

FortiGuard Labs has been actively monitoring FALLCHILL, validating all its IOCs (indicators of compromise), and providing protection for our customers. In a previous post we provided a high level overview of FALLCHILL. In this research report we dig even further, providing a deep dive analysis of the FALLCHILL Remote Administration Tool (RAT) in order to shed additional light on this threat, and thereby help our customer and the security community at large defend against this threat and similar threats.

By Minh TranNovember 28, 2017

Threat Research

Potential Malware Campaign Targeting JustSystems Ichitaro Users

Recently, we came across some interesting samples in jtd format, which is the file format used by JustSystems Ichitaro. The following is a quick primer for readers who are unfamiliar with the Japanese market.

By Minh TranNovember 09, 2017

Threat Research

Browser Extensions: A New Threat?

Introduction Recently, there have been a series of high profile attacks using browser extensions. Having dealt with this threat vector in the past, we here at FortiGuard Labs decided to conduct a large-scale study of browser extensions. Before diving into the results, we want to make a distinction between two seemingly similar browser technologies: browser plugins and browser extensions. Both are mechanisms that allow an end user to customize their browser to suit their needs, however there are some fine distinctions between them. The former...

By Minh TranSeptember 14, 2017