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Fortinet a Gold Sponsor at IBM Think 2018

Digital business is transforming how organizations and individuals communicate, operate, and interact. These changes not only hold the promise for new opportunities, but also bring new risks to data, economies, and resources. Which is why Fortinet is a Gold Sponsor at this year’s IBM Think 2018, being held March 19-22 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

By FortinetMarch 15, 2018

Business and Technology

Accelerate 2018 – A Milestone for Fortinet

Accelerate 18 began with a series of keynotes to a capacity crowd of Fortinet partners, sales people, and for the first time, customers. Beyond the expected executive addresses and other talks and workshops, Fortinet announced the evolution of our Security Fabric architecture – and more importantly – demonstrated how Fortinet is uniquely positioned in the industry to deliver the next generation of network security.

By FortinetMarch 08, 2018

Business and Technology

Fortinet Advisory on New Spectre and Meltdown Vulnerabilities

Earlier this week, it was announced that researchers uncovered two new side channel attacks that exploit newly discovered vulnerabilities found in most CPU processors, including those from Intel, AMD, and ARM. These vulnerabilities allow malicious userspace processes to read kernel memory, thereby potentially causing sensitive kernel information to leak. These vulnerabilities are known as Meltdown and Spectre.

By FortinetJanuary 04, 2018

Industry Trends

Managing Challenges and Risks in Ubiquitous IT Systems

Innovations in wireless and computing technology are driving the growth of connectivity between devices and appliances throughout the home, office, car, store, or practically any place that has a Wi-Fi connection. Known as ubiquitous computing, the reach of interconnected devices is widespread and ever expanding, providing opportunities for ground-breaking new services that improve safety, security, reliability, and convenience. But perhaps unsurprisingly, the growth of ubiquitous computing and network connections also creates new vulnerabilities...

By FortinetMay 18, 2016

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Should the Government Regulate Cybersecurity?

It has been famously said that, “the wheels of justice turn slowly.” That’s partly because the process most governments use when creating regulations and laws encourages debate, the careful examination of all sides of an issue, and the development of bartered consensus between groups with differing needs and opinions. In the modern era, this model has been very successful at promoting economic success while balancing personal freedom with social accountability. This model is less effective, however, when it comes to regulating...

By FortinetMay 10, 2016

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Meeting Australian Federal Security Mandates with Fortinet – ACSC Canberra 12-14 April 2016

In February 2016, a group of hackers from Russia took control of a Victorian high school’s phone system to unleash a flurry of bomb threats across schools in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria, causing major disruptions, but ultimately, no injury. But Australian government and business officials are worried about what could happen from a cyber security attack with more sinister goals. This attack from the “Evacuation Squad” has demonstrated vulnerabilities in Australian cyber security, and businesses and government organisations...

By FortinetApril 10, 2016

Industry Trends

Understanding Consumer Behaviour from Wi-fi Insights

We have all embraced online searching and shopping. The days of driving around town to compare costs or referring to the most current newspaper advertisement for a bargain have long gone. Today’s consumer reaches out via the Internet on a variety of devices to check product reviews, find discount coupons, locate attractions, and read email sales notices from their favorite companies. Analysis of data allows a business to study consumer needs and intentions Technology enables business to track consumer behavior while connected to a Wi-fi...

By FortinetMarch 14, 2016

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Integrating Retail Customer Experience Through WiFi Analytics

Every smartphone these days is equipped with ways to connect to WiFi. When your phone is looking for networks to join, it’s detectable by local routers. In a retail store, there’s often additional equipment that can detect your phone’s WiFi capabilities, note your device’s unique ID number, and track your device over time as you move through the store. Retail stores can use this technology to determine the flow of customer foot traffic, analyse conversion rates, and research dwell times in the stores. They can then use...

By FortinetMarch 09, 2016

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SSH Issue Update

Fortinet was founded with the goals of providing the best performing security devices on the planet in combination with unmatched value and features.  We take our technology and product quality seriously, and, with that in mind, we want to make customers aware of software updates to address vulnerabilities in relation to the Full Disclosure SSH issue posted last week here on the Fortinet blog. In addition to ISO industry-leading best practices, we follow and comply with regular review processes that include multiple tiers of inspection,...

By FortinetJanuary 20, 2016

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Find your security posture with Fortinet’s interactive ‘Cyber-Defender’ game

Are you prepared for most cyberattacks? Or do you have just basic protection? IDC has defined the five stages of network security protection in their ‘IT Security MaturityScape’ position paper: Ad hoc: Constantly vulnerable; few if any procedures and unknown risk profile Opportunistic: Basic protection; entry-level security infrastructure, policies in-place Repeatable: Established standards; protected from blended threats and common risks Managed: Prepared for most attacks; continuous protection, constant vigilance Optimised:...

By FortinetNovember 09, 2015