How Partners Leveraging SECaaS and FortiCloud Provide Value to Customers

By Fortinet | February 19, 2020

With the cyber threat landscape becoming more complex every day, protecting digital assets requires security teams to have a thorough understanding of what is happening on their network. The issue is that many customers do not have access to the tools they need to provide the visibility and control they desire across their networks. This, coupled with the cybersecurity employees skills gap has made it extremely difficult for organizations to manage security without exhausting their IT resources.

For partners, this presents an opportunity to leverage Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) to deliver additional value critical to their customers’ business. By offering security solutions on a subscription basis, partners are able to tailor security services to customers while reducing upfront CapEx. However, to take full advantage of the SaaS model, partners require a full catalog of security solutions that are easy to implement, manage and scale. 

Fortinet fills this need through FortiCloud which provides partners with a set of comprehensive SaaS and Management-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions offering advanced security across the network. 

How SaaS Benefits Partner Business

In addition to generating business, adopting the SaaS model can also help improve partners’ operational efficiency. Leading SaaS solutions have multitenancy functionalities that can be used to assist partners when managing their customer base. By leveraging automated SaaS capabilities, partners can easily scale their solutions to meet customer needs, saving time and money. 

Integration is essential to the success of SaaS and security alike. This is why Fortinet’s Security Fabric approach enables partners to offer integrated, comprehensive security protection to improve their customers’ security posture and lower costs, ultimately enabling partners to grow their business. 

The FortiCloud Partner Opportunity

With cloud offerings becoming more the norm than the exception, organizations, especially in the SMB sector where the need for customization and control isn’t as intense as large enterprises, are looking even more to shift the burden of management and security expertise to SECaaS partners and free-up capital critical for growth. Unlike other solutions that leave gaps in critical areas or require additional integrations, FortiCloud gives SECaaS partners a cloud-based, complete security platform intended to grow as customers’ needs expand, tailored to work together, and designed for multitenant environments giving partners an opportunity to service some to many customers from a single portal. 

Final Thoughts

Fortinet’s FortiCloud account management portal provides both partners and customers with integrated solutions that can be used to consolidate a variety of business and security operations. With FortiCloud, partners can build an entire security business offering and continue delivering cutting edge solutions that facilitate both internal and customer business growth. 

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