Helping Partners Manage Cybersecurity Strategy at Accelerate 2019

By Fortinet | February 21, 2019

As today’s businesses embrace new technologies, they must carefully consider how solutions that expand their attack surface impact network security. Digital transformation is now a critical factor within organizations, but it has also opened the door for new cyber threats. This ultimately means that partners must have a deep understanding of their customers’ new network strategies and objectives in order to keep them safe.

Despite the challenges associated with digital transformation, organizations continue to employ technology to enable accelerated growth, allowing them to compete more effectively in this new digital era. From machine learning to the multi-cloud to the unprecedented rate of adoption of IoT devices, these advancements require new strategies and solutions for managing cybersecurity.

These new strategies are the focus of a number of critical partner sessions at Accelerate 2019. In these sessions, our partner attendees will have the opportunity to explore ways to improve their current support strategies to better secure their customers’ networks and help them effectively plan for the future.

Partner Sessions at Accelerate 2019

In order to help their customers defend against evolving cyber threats, partners must have an advanced understanding of how to get the most out of each Fortinet solution. These sessions (ranging from GDPR to CTAP to the E-rate program) will provide attendees with the knowledge and insight required to enact effective network security strategies to continue to grow their businesses. A few of the key sessions this year include:

MSSP Track Sessions

In addition to broader partner sessions, we have created an MSSP track that offers service-oriented breakouts to support growth for VARs, MSPs, and mature MSSPs. A few of these sessions include:

Final Thoughts

As partners look to grow their businesses, it is critical that they understand their current situation before moving forward. At Accelerate 2019, attendees will hear from a range of experts and learn how to keep up with evolving cybersecurity demands while meeting essential requirements. Partners are encouraged to attend these sessions and interact with other like-minded professionals across the industry.


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