Channel Check-in: Fortinet’s Continued Commitment to Channel Partners

By Jon Bove | September 07, 2021

As some employees go back into the office and others continue to work remote, many organizations around the world have adopted a flexible hybrid work model. As a result, now is the time for our partners to take advantage of Fortinet's Engage Partner Program to help address your customers' biggest cybersecurity challenges while keeping up with today's workforce changes. In this period of rapidly expanding and evolving networks, the role that security plays is more crucial than ever. This means that how we position security to our customers also needs to evolve and expand. For example, new network ecosystems, heavily reliant on multi- and hybrid cloud environments, require specialized sales and technology skills that can overwhelm sales teams trained in traditional security strategies. 

Fortinet is committed to helping partners be able to meet new and changing customer demands created by the work-from-anywhere models through Fortinet’s Engage Partner Program and enablement tools for partners. Below are ways our Engage Partner Program and enablement initiatives are benefitting our partners. 

Engage Partner Program Specializations 

Fortinet Specializations are available to select Partners who are compliant with the Engage Partner Program. In addition to the partner’s level of engagement and business model, partners are able to select an area of specialization to receive additional support and benefits. Customized training, certifications, and programs are available for each of these specializations. Choose from:

“Fortinet’s Engage Partner Program offers specializations to help partners be recognized and valued by current and potential customers as trusted partners who have the expertise, services, and technologies they need to fulfill their business needs,” Anne Bourgeois, VP of Channel Sales at Fortinet shares. “Specializations are designed to help partners gain the knowledge and skills in several high-business demand areas, including cloud security and SD-WAN. Through these specializations, Fortinet is further helping our partners differentiate themselves to maximize market opportunities around customer needs.” 

Fortinet's Engage Partner Program Benefits

Fast Track Program - The Commitment to Channel Partners

As part of our NSE Training Institute, the Fast Track program supports partners in their pursuit of the technical expertise and knowledge required to take full advantage of the Fortinet Security Fabric to protect your network against all current and future security threats. Regardless of experience level, all attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the value the Security Fabric brings to their own organizations as well as their customers’. 

Jonathan Yeo, Director of Channel Sales, Asia Pacific at Fortinet shares that, “Customers rely on partners to provide specialized technology skills to better meet their dynamic and expanding needs as the digital landscape continues to rapidly evolve. Fortinet enables our partners to develop their skill sets through training and certifications provided by the NSE Training Institute. Fortinet’s partner enablement through training further allows partners to take advantage of the breadth of the Security Fabric, which enables them to standardize with one vendor, by growing their expertise of Fortinet’s technology.”

The Fortinet Security Fabric Helps Partners Untap Market Opportunities

The Fortinet Security Fabric allows partners to significantly expand their business and revenue opportunities. Partners are leveraging Fortinet’s broad portfolio of integrated solutions and tools through a platform approach available in any form factor. Solutions are designed to operate natively in and between any networked environments to provide customers value. Fortinet’s broad, integrated and automated Security Fabric platform offers industry-leading technology and proven credibility. Fortinet is committed to helping its channel partners grow their business and exceed your customer’s security objectives by helping them tap into market opportunities leveraging the breadth of the Security Fabric.

All partners developing managed services for endpoint, SD-WAN, cloud, SOC, and more are powered by the Fortinet Security Fabric.

The Fortinet Security Fabric

Fortinet’s Ongoing Commitment to Partners

The Fortinet Engage Partner program helps partners acquire the expertise needed to deliver digital transformation through customizable programs with business opportunity, and the programs and infrastructure in place to accelerate their growth. Fortinet supports partners’ goals for growing their business for maximum efficiency and profitability, allowing them to differentiate offerings with a portfolio that aligns directly with the threats presented across the kill chain. Fortinet doesn’t compete with direct sales teams and provides significant marketing and executive support to ensure partners return on their investments. We look forward to continuing to contribute to our partners success and business growth. 

Be sure to take a look at the Engage Partner Program Brochure for much more information on what’s new and all our offerings.

Current partners can visit the Partner Portal to find important updates from Fortinet and our partner program.

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