Fortinet Is Your Trusted Cloud Partner

By Jon Bove | November 01, 2021

Today’s enterprises know the advantages of leveraging multi- and hybrid cloud environments, and Fortinet Adaptive Cloud security is at the ready. More than 90% of organizations have some form of multi-cloud and hybrid (public/private) cloud environment included in their network and business strategy. This model enables organizations big and small to allow critical data and essential applications to reside anywhere, on-premises, on campuses, at home offices, at branch offices, in the data center, or the cloud. And wherever these applications reside need to be transparent to the user. 

Organizations pursuing digital innovation in the cloud should not have to sacrifice operational efficiencies, especially in light of skills or resource gaps, to make it happen; however, many are. The challenge facing today’s organizations is one of consistency across an expanding number of network edges. Hybrid-cloud networks require world-class security without fracturing visibility and control across the distributed network. A single-pane-of-glass approach, where policies and configurations can be created locally and orchestrated universally, ensures that every user, device, and application, regardless of its origin or destination, can be seamlessly and consistently protected end to end. 

This is where Fortinet, your trusted cloud security partner, comes in to offer a unified platform approach to cloud security.

Securing All Clouds with a Unified Platform Approach

Despite its many benefits, hybrid cloud environments add extra layers of complexity, especially with applications in motion and millions of endpoints. Building in security policies and enforcement that can span applications, remote workers, and distributed networks, including hybrid cloud environments, requires a unified platform approach. 

The building blocks of a successful unified security infrastructure include: 

  • Visibility: You can’t detect, protect, or resolve issues if you can’t see what is happening inside your network. Isolated tools obscure this visibility. Instead, every component—whether network or security—must work together as a single, unified solution to see, share, and respond to threats as an integrated system.
  • Knowledge: Organizations are inundated with data. The best way to make use of that data and keep it secure is to use artificial intelligence (AI) and automation tools to gather, analyze, correlate, and make sense of it all and accelerate response to issues or attacks.
  • Controls: Control requires distributing policies, federating enforcement, and taking action whenever and wherever needed to minimize the impact of a threat. 

Fortinet provides all of this in a best-of-breed Adaptive Cloud model, backed by the Fortinet Security Fabric, allowing partners to safeguard customers’ IT environments now and in the future by working with a leader—and we will support partners at every step.

Plus, as a Fortinet Partner, in addition to the ability to grow your business and enable your customer’s cloud journey, partners can leverage the broader Fortinet Security Fabric portfolio, including our industry-leading and recognized Secure SD-WAN solutions for example. For many customers, it is not only about securing cloud native environments but also on-premises and datacenters as well. Having a partner like Fortinet to enable and support you to pursue all your customer’s digital innovation initiatives and serve as their trusted advisor helps strengthen and expand your opportunities.

One Trusted Relationship Through Partnership

With Fortinet, partners have everything needed for a cloud security journey. Develop your business and grow your skills with the Fortinet Engage Partner Program with: 

  • Faster and easier access to Fortinet Engage Partner Program for cloud certified partners.
  • Adaptive Cloud Security Specialization provides recognition for your expertise and gives you additional benefits.
  • NSE training and certification to ramp up your security expertise and differentiate from the competition.
  • Fortinet Developer Network access to Fortinet APIs to integrate and develop your cloud solutions. 

Our partners can leverage their existing cloud membership and upgrade from Advocate to Select. All Fortinet partner benefits are available at Advanced/Expert level 1, including:

  • Free FDN subscription: Via the Fortinet Developer Network, partners get access to Fortinet APIs and can interact with the tech community to find answers to technical how-to questions and scenarios.
  • Free FortiCWP license: A powerful SaaS to monitor multi-cloud environment, collect information on traffic, usage, and misconfiguration threats, and to get regulatory compliance reports through a unified interface.

Engage Partner Program Cloud Specialization 

Fortinet Specializations are available for Select and above partners who are compliant with the Engage Partner Program. In addition to the partner’s level of engagement and business model, Specializations enable partners  to select  areas of business expertise. Once Specialized partners will receive additional support and benefits, including customized training, certifications, and programs.

The Fortinet Engage Adaptive Cloud Security Specialization enables partners to demonstrate they can deliver Fortinet’s Cloud Security that natively integrates network, application, and platform security solutions to support and enhance digital innovation.

Learn how Fortinet’s adaptive cloud security solutions provide the necessary visibility and control across cloud infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud.

Current partners can visit the Partner Portal to find important updates from Fortinet and our partner program.

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