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Fortinet and Symantec Join Forces to Help Organizations Move their Security to the Cloud

Bringing two global industry leaders together to provide enterprise-class capabilities across cloud, network, and endpoint security is a remarkable event and reflects a deep commitment to the security of our mutual customers.

By John MaddisonDecember 11, 2018


Providing Improved Security Posture for Your Customers

Effective cybersecurity relies on active threat and vulnerability awareness. Partners can help provide that awareness using a comprehensive cyber threat assessment program.

By Neil MatzDecember 05, 2018

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Smarter Security Starts with Understanding How Cybercriminals Work

Effectively defending against cyberattacks in this new environment requires security teams to work smarter rather than harder.

By Anthony GiandomenicoDecember 03, 2018

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Fortinet and AWS Offer New, Integrated Security Solutions

Fortinet has made a number of announcements this week at the AWS Re:Invent Conference as part of AWS’s recently announced launch of new services, where Fortinet was named as launch partner.

By Lior CohenNovember 28, 2018

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Fortinet Selected to Join the AWS Consulting Partner Private Offer Program

By extending support to Fortinet resellers, customers now have access to a broad and global selection of certified resellers with specialized networking and security skills, along with best practice knowledge of business verticals such as healthcare, to ensure they can build and maintain the best cloud strategy possible.

By Jon BoveNovember 28, 2018

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Fortinet Expands Cloud Services Hub Integrated with AWS Transit Gateway

With AWS launching its much-anticipated Transit Gateway service, we are excited to announce the availability of the Fortinet Cloud Services Hub integrated with the AWS Transit Gateway.

By Ali Bidabadi November 28, 2018

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Promoting Business Enablement Through Cloud Security at AWS re:Invent 2018

Fortinet will be attending AWS re:Invent 2018 to promote business enablement through cloud security. Learn what attendees can expect from the conference and Fortinet’s presence.

By FortinetNovember 20, 2018


What Your Customers Need from Today’s NAC Solutions

Customers need a unified view into every IoT device on the network to secure against the threats brought on by the adoption of IoT, combined with the ability to detect and act on threats.

By Jon BoveNovember 13, 2018


The Opportunity with Automation for MSSPs Today

Read about the three reasons automation Is an MSSP's best friend as the speed and volume of attacks make it impossible to manually assess and block each threat.

By Jon BoveOctober 31, 2018


Security, Multi-cloud, and SMBs

While data shows that security is a top priority for most SMBs, many do not fully understand the policies, solutions, and IT team resources required to secure the cloud.

By Jon BoveOctober 24, 2018