The Top Benefits of Zero Trust for Partners

There are a lot of benefits of zero trust, both technical and practical. Here are seven benefits of zero trust for partners as well as best practices for using ZTNA to create business opportunities.

By Peter Newton January 27, 2023


Understanding the MSSP Business and Vendor Relationship

Cybersecurity vendors should have the experience and knowledge of an MSSP business to help their customers achieve success. Learn more about what your vendor should understand.

By Michael O'Brien January 10, 2023


The Engage Partner Benefit of Working with Channel Sales Engineers

Jon Axford, Channel Sales Engineer for Fortinet, tells us more about his experience working as a channel sales engineer at Fortinet and why SEs are so vital for partners. Read more.

By Fortinet December 29, 2022

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Collaborating with Partners to Expand Access to Fortinet’s Industry-Recognized Cybersecurity Training

The Fortinet Training Institute is addressing the cybersecurity skills gap through training for security professionals and anyone interested in a career in cyber. Fortinet is collaborating with various partners to provide curriculum to organizations. Read to learn more about an Authorized Training Center (ATC) partner and offering certification training.

By Rob Rashotte December 09, 2022


The Importance of Integrated Solutions for MSSPs

Learn why finding integrated and integratable cybersecurity solutions is critical for MSSPs when choosing a cybersecurity vendor.

By Michael O'Brien November 30, 2022


What MSSPs Should Look for In Their Next Cybersecurity Vendor

Investing in the right cybersecurity vendor is key for the future business opportunity of an MSSP. Read more about some key questions partners should be asking to make sure they choose the right vendor fit.

By Michael O'Brien October 11, 2022


What is the Role of an MSSP In a Ransomware Attack?

As customers look to MSSPs for help protecting against ransomware attacks, MSSPs should consider solutions that provide a broad, integrated and automated approach. Read more.

By Jonathan Nguyen-Duy September 06, 2022


MSSP Checklist: Tips for Achieving Success

When choosing an MSSP, organizations look for providers that can establish a robust set of technologies and services that address various security concerns. Learn more.

By Jonathan Nguyen-Duy August 15, 2022


Channel Sales Engineer Q&A: How Partners Benefit

Channel Sales Engineers are vital for doing business with partners. Learn more about this technical role as part of our ongoing series to profile careers in cybersecurity with this in-depth interview.

By Fortinet August 09, 2022


5 Benefits of Cybersecurity Courses for Partners

Cybersecurity courses offer an opportunity to master complex concepts and showcase areas of expertise. Learn more about the benefits of the Fortinet NSE Certification program for our partners.

By Rob Rashotte July 18, 2022