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We Have Earned a Recommended Rating for our FortiWeb-1000D WAF

By Mark Byers | October 01, 2014

There are many options available for Web Application Firewalls in today’s marketplace. Selecting the right one for your organization can be difficult and costly. Vendors claim their products are the best, fastest and most secure, including Fortinet. The only reliable way to evaluate the many solutions is to put them in side-by-side real world testing to see how they perform. That’s where NSS Labs excels with their own lab facilities and comprehensive testing methodologies.


In its first-ever WAF public test, Fortinet’s FortiWeb-1000D web application firewall earned a solid RECOMMENDED rating for its overall security performance and low TCO from NSS Labs. The FortiWeb-1000D passed all tests for web application protection, threat evasion techniques, stability and reliability with an overall TCO of $3 per protected connection per second.

Compared to WAF solutions from other tested vendors, Fortinet delivers a strong balance of performance, effectiveness and cost for organizations that need to protect their web applications from today’s latest threats.

Don’t take my word for it, or anyone else’s for that matter. NSS Labs’ comprehensive WAF testing gives you an independent comparison of the industry’s leading solutions and provides unbiased evaluations to help you select the best WAF for your environment.

Take a look for yourself with complimentary copies of the NSS Labs WAF test reports. Click here to get your free copies of the NSS Labs WAF Security Value Map (SVM) and the FortiWeb-1000D Product Analysis Report.

For more information on the FortiWeb-1000D and our other FortiWeb web application firewall products, please click here.


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