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UPDATE: Live on the Floor at RSA 2016

By Richard Henderson | March 02, 2016
This year’s RSA Conference 2016 marks its 25th anniversary, where the world’s top security organizations and their customers meet to see, discuss, and learn about the latest and greatest in the world of network security.
In that spirit, I’m here on the show floor in front of our amazing (and giant!) FortiExpress chatting with some of our employees, customers, and partners about their thoughts on the RSA Conference today and going forward - as well as some of their favorite memories.
First off, I spoke with my friend and colleague, Derek Manky - our Global Security Strategist from FortiGuard Labs.
Richard: “Derek, how long have you been coming to the RSA Conference? What’s your most memorable or favorite moment?”
Derek: “There have been so many amazing keynotes and keynote speakers at RSA, but for me, being able to see Adam Savage speak was a special moment for me. I’m a huge fan of the TV show Mythbusters. By the way, I’m really sad to hear they’ve announced that the show is going to end soon.”
Richard: “What are some of the interesting things you’re seeing or hearing at the show this year?”
Derek: “I think we’re seeing some interesting messaging out there. A lot of it is focused on buzzwordy, attention grabbing speech. In the past, buzzwords like APT were all the rage, but in reality, APT style attacks have been around a long time. It seems to me that we’re seeing this again with this year’s hot catchphrase, threat intelligence. Everyone’s talking about threat intel this year, but I’m concerned it’s being overused. How many of the solutions being pitched out there are able to take the intelligence they collect and do something actionable with it? To me, that’s the magic that people need to figure out.”
Richard: “Before we wrap up and I let you go, as you know, RSA is 25 this year. What do you think RSA will look like 5 years from now?”
Derek: “It’s crazy to see how much this show has grown in such a short time. This is my 8th year attending. Back then it was one hall, now it seems security has grown so huge and important that Moscone is bursting from the seams. It’s the largest show in the world, and will continue to be the biggest. The who’s who of network security are here now and will be 5 years from now. I think 5 years from now RSA we will see an interesting focus on solutions that target the explosion of IoT devices. We’ll see solutions around IoT connected security and a special focus on embedded devices in the world of Healthcare and SCADA. I can’t even imagine what it will look like 25 years from now.”
Richard: “Thanks for chatting with me Derek, have a great time here in San Francisco.”

Next, I spoke with Fortinet’s Senior Vice President of Products and Solutions, John Maddison.

Richard: “Hi John, RSA is 25 years this year - what’s your favorite memory of all the conferences you’ve been to?

John: “I think for me, in the decade or so of shows I’ve attended, I find it amazing that there are just so many different vendors covering so many different pieces of the security market, but I really enjoy popping in to all the different vendor parties and get togethers all over the city. It’s amazing to see so many technical and security professionals just having a great time.”

Richard: “What’s the buzz on the show floor from what you’ve seen?”

John: “Well, I’m still seeing a lot of companies talking about threat intelligence. Delivering actionable threat intelligence to customers is a cornerstone of building an effective security solution today. I’ve had a lot of people talk to me about the Cyber Threat Alliance and how building out that organization is really pushing things forward. I’m also starting to see more talk about moving away from flat networks and fully embracing new segmentation and micro-segmentation strategies. Keeping your infrastructure properly segmented will be another key part of being able to detect and respond to incidents now and in the future.”

Richard: “What do you think RSA will look like 5 years from now?”

John: “I think RSA will continue to grow, we’ll keep seeing lots of great ideas and concepts, especially from new startups looking to come to market. It’s so hard to really know what’s going to catch everyone’s attention a year from now, let alone 5 years from now. What I do know is that it’s an exciting field to be a part of, and I really look forward to seeing where things go.”

Richard: “Thank you John, I hope you’ve had a great show.”

As the conference goes on, tune back in for more Q/A on the #RSAC show floor!...