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The Future of Healthcare Data Threats and Security

By Susan Biddle | June 17, 2016

Our recent blog posts have focused on malware, and more specifically ransomware, as a primary threat vector currently plaguing healthcare.  This week, we turn our spotlight on users and the challenges of coping with behavioral threats. 

Scott Whyte, senior vice president of growth and innovation at ClearDATA, says that tactics like social hacking – for example, using popular social tools to impersonate a person of authority to convince users to divulge data – will become even more common. This points to an uncomfortable truth in healthcare security: not only are the established cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated, but innovative, harder-to-combat approaches are also on the rise.

The solution, says Whyte, could rely on blending technologies with human-to-human services to educate and equip end users to anticipate threats before it’s too late. This approach could usher in a diversified, increasingly nuanced portfolio of protection tactics.

Whyte’s advice for healthcare CIOs and CSOs?  Talk to vendors and thought leaders about these issues, always with the goal of peering around the next corner to see the future of data threats and security…because the cybercriminals are already there.

Hear more of Scott’s perceptive advice in this short video from HIMSS 2016.