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The First 1 Terabit Per Second Firewall Has Arrived

By Tamir Hardof | July 23, 2014

1 Tb per second Today we announced the availability of the first firewall to cross the 1 Terabit per second threshold. That's 1 trillion bits, or 1 with 12 zero's after it (1,000,000,000,000). But why is it needed now and why is it important?

The way we do business has changed, and the threat landscape along with it. Mobile computing, public and private cloud services, social media, everything-as-a-Service, and Big Data. These trends mean the firewall cannot become a bottleneck, and the bar has to constantly be raised higher and higher. The new FortiGate-5144C is indicative of a major data center shift, and is in fact ahead of these trends, serving as the catalyst that accelerates this expansion.

The performance-based architecture of the new chassis does not work alone. Our 5th generation FortiGate-5001D security blade, built on our latest NP6 ASIC is the heart of this next generation data center solution. This means that most of the networking is offloaded with a specialized chipset and firewall policy enforcement is unencumbered to deliver maximum performance.

Along with the new FG-5144C chassis and FG-5001D security blades are 2 new Ethernet controller blades delivering 40GbE (FCTL-5903C) and 100GbE (FCTL-5913C) ports respectively. Each component was designed to not only address performance, but scalability, flexibility, and resiliency for the most demanding requirements.

Organizations need to ensure clean pipes, not just for their current data needs, but for the inevitable expansion they will need to conduct in the not too distant future.

This is a milestone in the security industry. Fortinet is pleased to be leading the charge with the 1Tbps FortiGate 5000 series platform.

Additional information is available here: FortiGate-5000 Series.

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