Industry Trends

Network Security for the Software-Defined Data Center

By Susan Biddle | May 13, 2016

Scott Berger has his pulse on the IT security industry, and he talked with us at HIMSS 2016 to share some insights on the value of Fortinet’s Next-Generation Firewall into a VMware NSX Environment, the rise of internal segmentation firewalls and the need to implement these solutions without compromising clinician workflow.

“Fortinet offers one of the most complete security ecosystems in both the physical and the virtual space of the software-defined datacenter,” he says. While many people still view security as more or less an exercise in putting up a firewall, Berger suggests a more holistic approach afforded by a company portfolio like Fortinet’s.

He also provides a frank warning about letting your security get in the way of patient care productivity.

“If it’s slow, it’s broken.”

Check out the interview to learn more.