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Microsoft Azure Security Center & Fortinet: Scaling Security & Securing the Cloud

By Richard Henderson | February 25, 2016

What do you get when you combine the world’s most widely deployed NGFW with the largest scalable infrastructure and then add-in unmatched granular visibility, control, threat prevention and a whole lot of other DevOps capabilities?  You get a scalable, secure, and easy to use cloud infrastructure that customers can migrate to or build their workloads on with confidence.  Microsoft Azure announced their Azure Security Center (ASC) program in September 2015 (after having been used in a preview form by thousands of customers) with the objective of enabling enterprise-class security across the full scope of environments that customers demand – whether it be cloud, hybrid, or multi-vendor...  and boy, have they delivered!

The next evolution in Microsoft's Azure Security Center program is to release Next-Generation Firewall capability and Fortinet is excited to partner with Microsoft Azure as a recommended solution with our award-winning FortiGate NGFW.  With a solution utilizing both FortiGate and ASC you'll be able to ensure that your Azure integration will be seamless - and you will now have an increased level of visibility and control across your entire workload and portfolio.  Today a new chapter in Cloud has been written and we’re extremely excited to be co-authors with a leader in enterprise Cloud – Microsoft Azure!

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