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Microsoft and Fortinet Extend Partnership to Secure Mission-Critical Workloads in Azure Government Cloud

By John Welton | October 27, 2016

Fortinet and Microsoft today announced an extension of their partnership to protect the cloud environments of their joint government customers. The US Federal Government sets the world’s highest security standards for data protection. Other public institutions, like state and local governments, police, and fire departments, follow these standards as well to protect the citizenry they serve.

Partnering to Deliver Cloud Security for Government Organizations

Fortinet and Microsoft are committed to delivering world-class security to Azure cloud workloads. With the expansion of our partnership in the upcoming release of Azure’s Government Cloud, based on the Azure Resource Manager architecture, we are now able to further protect mission-critical government workloads. Read more about the news on the Azure Government Cloud blog.

A Security Fabric for the Azure Government Cloud

Fortinet’s Security Fabric solutions for the cloud have been released on the Azure Government Cloud platform to provide comprehensive security, threat intelligence, and the visibility to detect, isolate, and respond to threats in real time for workloads running in the Government Cloud. Virtual security products, such as Fortinet’s industry leading enterprise firewall (FortiGate), web application firewall (FortiWeb), mail security (FortiMail), as well as its integrated security management (FortiManager) and analytics (FortiAnalyzer) solutions are now available. Fortinet is also a go-to-market partner with Microsoft’s Azure Security Center.