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Introducing the World’s Fastest and Most Secure Distributed Enterprise Firewall

By Nirav Shah | July 26, 2016

Distributed enterprises are undergoing a dramatic change, driven by the adoption of mobility, direct Internet access, public cloud applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT). This has resulted in an exponential increase in devices, users, bandwidth, and transactions flooding their networks through the cloud applications. At the same time, the more connected and flexible enterprises become, the more opportunities it creates for cybercriminals to exploit new technologies and services that haven’t yet been fully secured.


As a result, distributed enterprise locations are quickly becoming a preferred entry point for hackers and data thieves, which makes it more critical than ever that distributed networks are inspected, authenticated, and secured from the advanced, dynamic threat landscape. Unfortunately, most firewall vendors struggle with the performance of their devices designed for these distributed enterprise locations, especially when enabling advanced security features, just when performance is becoming a critical requirement. Far too often, security and IT teams are forced to choose between providing essential security inspection and preserving the performance of their networks.

At Fortinet, we strongly believe that organizations should never have to choose between security and performance. This is achieved through more than 15 years of continuous innovation and by building our own ASIC. 

New King of Distributed Enterprise Firewalls

Fortinet’s commitment to security and performance innovation continues with the announcement of our new purpose-built system-on-a-chip (SOC3) ASIC, which accelerates the FortiGate 60E series of enterprise firewalls. These are best-in-class security appliances with consolidated advanced security and networking capabilities that enable distributed enterprises to leverage the superior protection of the Fortinet Security Fabric, without compromising on the increasing demands for performance that their users and devices demand.

Advanced Protection

The FortiGate 60E Appliance is specifically designed to protect distributed enterprises or small businesses from the most sophisticated cyberattacks and zero-day threats. Not only does it offer firewall, VPN, IPS, antivirus, application visibility, and URL filtering, but it also delivers advanced security features, such as performance-heavy SSL inspection with cloud access security profile (CASI) and cloud-based sandboxing.

Industry’s Best Performance

The FortiGate 60E is designed to provide 3 Gbps of enterprise firewall performance, and over 250 Mbps with all next-generation firewall security features enabled. This makes it the most powerful appliance in its class when compared with other firewall vendors, as shown below.

Note: Industry average is calculated based on Checkpoint 730, Dell TZ300 and Cisco Meraki MX64

Networking and Connectivity That Enables SD-WAN

The FortiGate 60E also delivers the industry’s best consolidation of networking and security features. In addition to its rich security features, it provides advanced routing, dynamic load balancing, and WAN optimization. It also offers integrated wireless with 802.11ac, power over Ethernet (PoE), and 3G/4G connectivity. These capabilities enable dynamic deployment options, such as software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), and allow distributed enterprises to use direct Internet access without compromising on security.

Simple Hyperscale Management

Because many remote locations have little to no on-site IT staff, today’s distributed enterprise requires a security appliance that is simple to deploy and manage. The FortiGate 60E security appliance benefits from the Fortinet Security Fabric, enabling it to deliver robust security alert information that is both actionable and automated. All of its features are also administered through a single intuitive and unified management console, that includes options for a cloud-based or hosted solution for remote control and orchestration. This powerful management solution allows you to manage up to 10,000 distributed locations in this way, and also provides zero-touch deployment using FortiDeploy functionality.


The Fortinet Enterprise Firewall Solution offers universal platform support for all types of deployments across the extended enterprise network. The new FortiGate 60E distributed enterprise firewall uses the same operating system implemented across the entire FortiGate family of appliances, and benefits from the Fortinet Security Fabric to enable automatic distribution of contextual security policy, and unified threat intelligence thorough the enterprise.

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