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Healthcare Networks Under Hack Attack

By Susan Biddle | July 08, 2016

Whatever terminology you want to use for the hacking community – bad actors, cybercriminals, thorns in our side – the fact is that they are more sophisticated now than ever. And diligent.

Recent years have seen both the proliferation of and gradual sophistication in their methods. They know that medical records are extremely valuable, and that the healthcare industry remains remarkably vulnerable. But where other sectors, such as financial services, have made substantial investments in security, healthcare still lags behind.

The year 2016, says Fortinet Vice President for Healthcare Ryan Witt, could see yet another increase in cyberattacks, with ransomware emerging as an especially dangerous method. One strategic consideration in the future will be pushing beyond compliance toward a more holistic, realistic approach to security. This means, for instance, going beyond securing electronic medical records to focus on the myriad ancillary devices that make up a typical healthcare provider’s IT ecosystem.

“From a healthcare standpoint,” he says, “there really needs to be a focus on this layering of technology.” In particular, internal segmentation firewalls will emerge as crucial elements of any healthcare provider’s security toolbox.

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