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Github Adds 2FA

By Richard Henderson | September 03, 2013

Popular software development hosting site GitHub announced today that they have added support for two-factor authentication.

As we've said in the past, two-factor authentication is a fantastic way for users to add another layer of protection to their various online accounts... if you're using a service that provides it, you should take advantage of it. By implementing two-factor authentication whenever you can, you make it much more difficult for attackers and malware developers to compromise your digital lives. git hub _

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_ One interesting bit of info with Github's introduction is that they are providing more than basic SMS-based two-factor authentication: they also support applications that provide a TOTP-based token.

TOTP is a time-based token that calculates your one-time password based on time. This means you can use applications like Google's Authenticator app (available for Android, iOS and Blackberry 10), Duo Mobile and Windows 7 Phone's Authenticator.

Fortinet's FortiToken Mobile application for both Android and iOS can also be used as a third-party TOTP soft token (for services such as GitHub, Dropbox and Google), and is free to use.

Wikipedia's article on TOTP goes into good detail on how it works.

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