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Fundamental Rules of Healthcare Security

By Susan Biddle | June 03, 2016

The year 2015 saw an accelerated rate of change in healthcare security – and many of those changes were not encouraging.

On one hand, the availability and usefulness of patient data has skyrocketed – good for healthcare providers but also lucrative for those seeking to use it for nefarious purposes. On the other, the sophistication of cyberattacks grew enormously, placing new pressures on IT administrators and healthcare leaders.

Today, the experts at Fortinet have identified 3 fundamental rules of security:

  • Complexity is the enemy of security: Managing distributed medical devices and the complex infrastructures demanded by today’s care models creates many attack surfaces. Trying to secure each attack surface with a different point solution quickly creates an overly complex infrastructure that is very difficult and expensive to manage.
  • Security has become borderless: Firewall protection alone is no longer enough, and the gravest threat isn’t necessarily the infiltration of something from the outside; instead, an IT manager’s biggest worry might be the exfiltration of what’s already in.
  • Slow means broken: In today’s healthcare world, security must operate at the speed of the rest of the business, creating no impediment to providing patient care. Otherwise, security either gets disabled or put on the back burner.

Watch this video from the HIMSS16 conference to hear Shawn Surber of Fortinet’s Healthcare Practice go into greater detail about the threats – and the opportunities – that await us in 2016 and beyond.