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Free Web Filtering Utility to Protect Children Online

By Michael Perna | October 01, 2013

It is October, which means that it is also officially National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) created this awareness program, now in its 10th year, as a collaborative effort between government and industry to ensure every American has the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online (#NCSAM).

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As the NCSA describes it, "Cybersecurity begins with a simple message everyone using the Internet can adopt: STOP. THINK. CONNECT." This message immediately reminds us what we tell our children to do when crossing the street, STOP. LOOK. CROSS. In the same spirit, the NCSA says,

STOP: Before you use the Internet, take time to understand the risks and learn how to spot potential problems.

THINK: Take a moment to be certain the path ahead is clear. Watch for warning signs and consider how your actions online could impact your safety, or your family's.

CONNECT: Enjoy the Internet with greater confidence, knowing you've taken the right steps to safeguard yourself and your computer.

In celebration of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Fortinet wanted to offer a friendly reminder that their award-winning FortiClient antivirus and Web filtering solution is a free way to help protect yourself and your children online. FortiClient is easy to set up and enables a user to block and monitor what children see and do on the Internet.

Click here to download FortiClient.

Here is how to set it up:

.1.) Visit and download FortiClient for your PC, Mac, or smartphone .2.) Install FortiClient on your device or computer .3.) Launch FortiClient (on a PC navigate from the " Start" menu >All Programs>FortiClient>FortiClient)

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.4.) Immediately you will notice the "Parental Control" tab on the right. Click it! .5.) Once in the "Parental Control" view, click on the "Settings" button

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.6.) This will bring you to the web filtering options. Here you will be able to block, allow, warn, or monitor various types of content by right clicking on each category. This tool enables you to prevent your children, or yourself, from accessing malicious or inappropriate content.

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.7.) Once you have tailored your settings to block or allow everything you find necessary be sure to click "Search Engine Safe Search) to ensure these additional safe search remain the default. .8.) Click "OK" to save .9.) You can lock these setting with a password by navigating to "File" in the top right and slicking on settings.

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.10.) Click on the lock icon in the bottom left to enter your password. .11.) Click "OK" to save and close the client. You have officially set up the FortiClient Web Filter. Test different settings to fine tune the client to your exact specifications and consider yourself a little more secure!

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all client to protect you and your children from malicious or inappropriate content. FortiClient simply helps and enables you to browse protected. You must still STOP. THINK. CONNECT Happy Browsing, From Fortinet

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