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Finding the Right Balance Between Security and Patient Care

By Erik Devine | July 15, 2016

This is a guest post from Erik Devine, CISO, Riverside Healthcare.

Healthcare security requires a delicate balance: IT must secure sensitive patient information across numerous devices, but without compromising the user experience. As soon as care is compromised, any given security program has failed.

At Riverside Healthcare, a comprehensive hospital and wellness campus, we understand how difficult it is to maintain that balance. That’s why our preferred approach is to stay in the background – doing our due diligence on the security end while staying nearly invisible to end users, whether they’re in the clinic or in a home office.

Fortinet has helped us deploy initiatives like telemedicine, which greatly expand our care services without compromising security. Distributed devices, too, expand flexibility and give providers the freedom they need to meet customer expectations. When done right, these advances can revolutionize medicine without creating unnecessary data vulnerabilities.

In this video, I discuss more of the specific strategies and tactics that have enabled us to meet today’s healthcare needs – including how network segmentation can help.