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Find your security posture with Fortinet’s interactive ‘Cyber-Defender’ game

By Fortinet | November 09, 2015

Are you prepared for most cyberattacks? Or do you have just basic protection? IDC has defined the five stages of network security protection in their ‘IT Security MaturityScape’ position paper:

  • Ad hoc: Constantly vulnerable; few if any procedures and unknown risk profile
  • Opportunistic: Basic protection; entry-level security infrastructure, policies in-place
  • Repeatable: Established standards; protected from blended threats and common risks
  • Managed: Prepared for most attacks; continuous protection, constant vigilance
  • Optimised: Ready for anything; fully-embracing the security-centric organisation

Where do you fit in?

You can find out by playing Fortinet’s Cyber-Defender game. Developed by the team at the FortiGuard Lab, Fortinet’s advanced threat protection facility, you’ll be able to simulate your own security ecosystem and see how you stack up against a constant barrage of hacks, attacks and exploits.

It’s simple. Go to the Cyber-Defender site ( and get started. Each game takes maybe five minutes. You are the CSO for a large multinational with respected brand, intellectual property and sensitive data. You have an initial $120,00 budget to spend and a bit more each quarter. Where should you focus your resources?

Ad hoc / opportunistic

As a benchmark, don’t ‘purchase’ any protection at the start. This equates to the ‘ad hoc’ stage. It won’t take long for you to rack up $750,00 in damages and get fired. Or purchase just $50,000 in the first quarter. This will place you as ‘opportunistic’. Still vulnerable but better.

Where is your company? Do you just have the bare minimum – both infrastructure and budget? Cyber-Defender shows you pretty quickly what happens if you’re in the cross-hairs.

Repeatable / manageable

Start over and spend the full $120,000 right off. Be careful which solutions you choose. If you opt for the right antidote before the attack, you’re sitting pretty. But make a bad decision and leave an unexpected vulnerability unprotected and you can ring up serious damages. Do it twice and – zap – you’re fired. Again.

So even if you have a generous budget and smart policies, there is always an up-and-coming threat that can nail you. It’s a dangerous world out there.


Can’t really simulate this in Cyber-Defender. You’d purchase every security service, offer even more staff training and hire more advanced security experts. You’d be protected against almost any potential attack. And you probably wouldn’t get fired.

So where does you company fit in?

Ad hoc / opportunistic is simply not an option.

Repeatable / manageable is good enough if you can manage the risk. You’ve got a decent budget, smart people and a well-trained work-force. Your management backs your projects.  But you are still a target.

Optimised is, well, optimal. Cyber-Defender shows that optimal security ensures business continuity. It might cost a bit more and take a lot of hard work, but can your organisation afford anything less?


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