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Even IT Heroes Need Cyber Threat Assessment Help

By Chris Dawson | October 26, 2015
Fall is here, and with it crisp weather, warm spice-flavored drinks and the annual EDUCAUSE Conference. This conference brings together the best thinkers and doers in higher education and consistently delivers engaging, innovative content. It’s a must-attend show—and we’ll be there.
This year, one of the Program Domains is risk management. The EDUCAUSE website sums it up well: “IT organizations share accountability for managing institutional continuity of operations within an open and ever-shifting environment. Our efforts are challenged by the rise of BYOD and cloud services, changing government regulations and increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. From data breaches to emergency alerts, the real-time tactical and long-term strategic need for risk management is paramount to all higher education IT managers.”
Risk management, of course, includes cybersecurity. And cybersecurity is taking center stage for learning institutions of all sizes, at all levels. Whether it’s common knowledge or not, educational institutions are increasingly attractive to hackers. Six major universities experienced data breaches or network hacks in the first half of 2015 alone. The type of information targeted or havoc wreaked varies but the message is clear: schools need to step up their security efforts.
And that can be a challenge with small IT departments, tight budgets and growing demands in remarkably heterogeneous environments. The challenge is compounded by the fact that IT departments must secure the networks and information they contain while also ensuring that diverse groups of users have seamless, always-on access. Meeting and delivering on that challenge requires a team of IT heroes.
Fortinet is here to help. We’re offering free Cyber Threat Assessments during the conference to help you learn just what your network is up to. We’ll gather data over a few days to evaluate your network’s security and threat prevention capabilities, network performance and potential drains on productivity. You’ll receive a comprehensive Cyber Threat Assessment Report to help you gain visibility and determine if changes need to be made.
Fortinet is a pioneer in high-performance network security. We’ve helped schools, colleges, libraries and organizations of all sizes prepare to respond rapidly to a sophisticated IT threat landscape. Our fully integrated approach to network security offers increased protection, improved performance, reduced costs and improved reliability.
And we are big supporters of all the unsung IT heroes in higher education IT departments around the globe. We are dedicated to helping IT departments increase the security of networks, network users and all of the sensitive information those networks contain. As a bonus, if you sign up online for a Cyber Threat Assessment, you’ll be entered into a drawing for an Apple Watch. After all, IT heroes need to be rewarded for their efforts that might go unnoticed on campus.
Fortinet will be at EDUCAUSE in booths 718 and 720. Stop by, say hello and see how we can not only help protect your school from becoming a cybersecurity statistic but also help deliver reliable, fast access no matter what your users throw at your network.