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CMIO Perspectives on Network Security

By Susan Biddle | May 06, 2016

Guest post by Brian Yeaman, Yeaman + Associates

2016 will be a lot like 2015 – a steadily escalating number of data breaches across healthcare requiring new solutions. We’re seeing now that many of the good things about medical-record portability – improved care, better patient relationships, efficiency – still create additional risks and the potential for breaches.

One element in particular deserves mention, and that’s the continued focus on BYOD functionality. As users demand more device autonomy, IT teams are demanding more safeguards.

This is where a partner like Fortinet must come in. Security is an everyday challenge; we can’t take our eyes off of these vulnerabilities, or we’ll fall behind.

Take a look at this video interview from HIMSS16, in which I talk more about today’s challenges and why a partner with a proven track record can be so critical in protecting our most valuable information.