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Can your Firewall do This?

By Rajoo Nagar | April 10, 2017

FortiGate 7060E – Delivering Layer 7 Security without Performance Compromises

In today’s cloud scale data centers, security is front and center. The changing threat landscape, more and increasingly diverse threats, and much larger attack surfaces have made security top of mind for CIOs and IT teams worldwide.

Networks are undergoing a radical transformation. With over 35B IoT devices attaching to networks, and a global cloud revolution fueled by a hyper-connected digital economy and driven by data, by 2020 almost all traffic entering the data center will be cloud traffic. At the same time, in the core, the need for high-speed granular segmentation and the real-time inspection of encrypted (SSL) traffic is increasing several-fold, while internal networks continue to demand more horsepower to manage their tidal wave of data. 

Security is under pressure to adapt to these changes. Unfortunately, most traditional security devices were never designed for the performance demands, distributed ecosystems, or on-demand network infrastructure being deployed in today’s organizations.

While the security provided by NGFWs can continue to play a key role in keeping your network safe, not all NGFWs are built the same. Today’s organizations need advanced NGFWs that can protect from known and unknown threats hidden in cloud traffic, share and correlate threat intelligence, and adapt to shifting network environments, all while handling the rigorous performance and capacity demands imposed by today’s 100 Gbps core networks and SSL encrypted traffic.

Today’s NGFWs need to be able to accelerate SSL inspection, handle IPv6 traffic without imposing penalties, provide the capacity and intelligence to secure IoT, provide deep inspection into unstructured data, authenticate and segment traffic and endpoint devices, provide a variety of critical security services without trading performance for protection, and support the levels of network connectivity for various deployment modes.

And they need to do all this because NGFWs are increasingly being deployed not only at the network edge, but in the data center, the network core, private and public clouds, and for end-to-end internal segmentation. And they need to do all this while being easy to deploy, use, and manage. 

Does your firewall do all that?

Because the Firewall that delivers all these services combined with consistent 100 Gbps NGFW throughput for your network is here. Check out the video below.