Industry Trends

Bringing Your Cloud Visibility Back Into Focus

By Darlene Gannon | July 31, 2017

Like data center sprawl, virtualization sprawl occurs when the numbers, locations, and functions of virtual machines distributed across a network grow to the point that they can no longer be managed effectively.

As organizations continue to move applications and other core workloads into the cloud, virtualization sprawl can give way to “security sprawl” if not architected properly. In order to achieve the scale, elasticity, and efficiency benefits of the cloud, the data and security elements across all environments must be integrated, visible and able to share intelligence to ensure automated protection.

View our infographic (below) to understand the security concerns surrounding the movement of data to the cloud and how enterprises can take advantage of the business benefits of the cloud without losing data visibility and control. Read our latest Threat Landscape Report to find out more information.