Industry Trends

Addressing the Human Element of Cybersecurity

By Susan Biddle | June 10, 2016

The gravest challenges for security administrators in 2016, says Security and Compliance Vice President Richard Wagner at ABILITY Network, might not come from technology.

They might come from people.

Spearfishing, going after vulnerable employees, and other human-to-human tactics are becoming more common and effective, and healthcare organizations are only beginning to understand how to combat them.

“You can have the strongest systems,” Wagner says, “but if you don’t have the people who know how to use them, or how to protect data, those are going to become the weakest links.”

Wagner’s recommendations to today’s leaders include mandatory yearly risk assessments – large pills to swallow if you’re in the C-suite, but indispensable tools for staying current. He also recommends that healthcare organizations continue coalescing around industry security standards – ways to hold vendors and users accountable over time. Fortunately, Wagner says, he’s seen more and more of that at events like HIMSS – which points to a bright spot in the increasingly daunting security landscape.

Hear more of his insights in this video from HIMSS 2016.