Industry Trends

Industry Trends

Steps for Adopting a Proactive Approach to Data Breaches

Read about some important steps to remain proactive and to secure against possible data breaches.

By FortinetApril 02, 2020

Industry Trends

Implementing a Collaborative Approach to Cybersecurity in a Converged IT/OT Environment

Forrester research commissioned by Fortinet shows that 66% of industrial firms say their factories now run through IP-connected networks. Discover the business benefits of converging IT and OT.

By Antoine D'Haussy April 01, 2020

Industry Trends

The Need for Security Automation to Ensure Business Continuity

Discover how security teams can ensure business continuity by maximizing automation in their security strategy, significantly increasing their chances of detecting a breach or malicious activities quickly and effectively.

By Renee TarunMarch 31, 2020

Industry Trends

Tackling Additional Security Concerns for Remote Workers

Discover how Fortinet’s Teleworker Solutions secure your remote workforce and extended network by covering the three primary areas of concern for a teleworker environment: endpoint protection, access control, and cloud access. 

By Peter NewtonMarch 30, 2020

Industry Trends

Maintaining Business Continuity Amid Changing Workplace Operations

Discover how CSOs and business leaders can help keep the business moving during times of unprecedented change to ensure security and productivity.

By FortinetMarch 27, 2020

Industry Trends

Secure Remote Access for the Teleworker Accessing the Cloud

Discover how organizations can meet the performance and capacity requirements of an increased remote workforce accessing applications hosted in the cloud and SaaS services more than ever before. With the right remote access solution in place, organizations can securely connect their users directly to cloud resources while improving user experience.

By Lior CohenMarch 25, 2020

Industry Trends

As Telemedicine Grows, Healthcare Organizations Must Secure Patient Care

As telemedicine initiatives expand, healthcare IT teams must understand the risks facing their organizations and implement the right tools to secure patient care. Learn more.

By FortinetMarch 24, 2020

Industry Trends

Simple Steps to Protect You Against COVID-19 Social Engineering Attacks

Discover how you can protect against increasingly common COVID-19 social engineering attacks.

By Renee TarunMarch 23, 2020

Industry Trends

Selecting Secure SD-WAN Solutions Based on Use Case Requirements

Learn more about important use-cases for secure SD-WAN solutions.

By Nirav ShahMarch 20, 2020

Industry Trends

CISO Voices: Ensuring Business Continuity During Transition

Hear three of Fortinet’s Field CISOs – Renee Tarun, Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, and Courtney Radke – discuss the challenges and opportunities organizations are facing as they transition to new work paradigms.