Industry Trends

Industry Trends

Locking It Down: Securing Multicloud IT Across Industries

Organizations engaged in digital transformation efforts are discovering the advantages of a multicloud strategy to meet new requirements for speed, agility and scalability.

By Matt PleyAugust 16, 2018

Industry Trends

SCADA/ICS Dangers & Cybersecurity Strategies

Nearly 60% of surveyed organizations using SCADA or ICS reported they experienced a breach in those systems in the last year. Here are four tips for making these systems safer.

By Peter NewtonAugust 14, 2018

Industry Trends

Best Practices for Defeating Automated Attacks

A system of integrated, orchestrated security solutions enables organizations to fight automation with automation, using cybercriminals’ own tactics to turn the tables on them and shorten the time to detection so that forensic analysis can begin immediately and the security lifecycle can be strengthened.

By Bob FortnaJuly 27, 2018

Industry Trends

Security Implications of Digital Transformation Report

Fortinet’s 2018 Security Implications of Digital Transformation Survey looks at the state of cybersecurity in organizations around the world from a lens of digital transformation and the implications going forward.

By FortinetJuly 26, 2018

Industry Trends

Not All Cloud Software is Created Equal

Not all cloud security solutions are the same. Careful analysis of a vendor’s underlying design and optimization approaches will enable you to select the solution that best meets your organization’s performance and budgetary requirements.

By John MaddisonJuly 24, 2018

Industry Trends

The CISO Collective Delivers a One-Stop Content Experience for Security Leaders

Seeking to streamline how CISOs consume content to remain abreast of the latest changes in the threat landscape, the latest developments in security technologies, and new business strategies, Fortinet built The CISO Collective.

By FortinetJuly 19, 2018

Industry Trends

Winning the Cyber Arms Race with Machine Learning

A machine learning-based approach to threat detection is set to revolutionize the security industry.

By John MaddisonJuly 10, 2018

Industry Trends

Overcoming Multi-cloud Security Challenges in Education

Here are five best practices for keeping things safe when you have applications and data spread across multiple clouds.

By Jonathan Nguyen-DuyJuly 09, 2018

Industry Trends

Executive Insights: The Global Security Risks of a Post-Quantum World

For anyone tasked with securing critical infrastructure the arrival and power of quantum computing might be keeping them up at night.

By Michael XieJuly 06, 2018

Industry Trends

The Risks Mobile Payments Present to Financial Services

Consumers are rapidly adopting mobile payments and are expecting banks and financial services firms to ensure their security. As a result, financial services organizations must increase their ability to leverage security features deployed across distributed environments to keep pace with modern, automated cyberattacks.

By Jonathan Nguyen-DuyJuly 05, 2018