Industry Trends

Industry Trends

Resolving the Challenges of IT-OT Convergence

Success in the new digital economy requires developing integrated networks that are able to seamlessly leverage all available resources, even those ICS/SCADA systems deep inside OT networks.

By John MaddisonJune 21, 2018

Industry Trends

Cybersecurity in the Digital Business Transformation Era

Even as digital technology is transforming business, government, and society, it also transforms how we think of and practice cybersecurity. There are five key implications for cybersecurity in the digital transformation era.

By Peerapong JongviboolJune 18, 2018

Industry Trends

Defending Against an Automated Attack Chain: Are You Ready?

Threats like AutoSploit bring malware-as-a-service to a whole new level. Here are four ways to be prepared.

By Derek MankyJune 18, 2018

Industry Trends

AI Doesn’t Eliminate Jobs, It Creates Them

Automation and AI are not eliminating jobs, they are creating them — high-paying, high-level and secure ones at that — at an unprecedented rate. As the levels of data continue to grow, that will create even greater demand.

By Michael XieJune 15, 2018

Industry Trends

The Rise of Destructive Botnets

It is critical that every organization become aware of these emerging risks and begin to take appropriate countermeasures now. In the escalating cyberwar, enterprises need to be able to fight automation with automation.

By Anthony GiandomenicoJune 14, 2018

Industry Trends

Is Cryptojacking Replacing Ransomware as the Next Big Threat?

Cryptojackers have clearly discovered that, if done properly, leveraging the processing power of a hijacked system to mine for cryptocurrencies can be a potentially long-term profitable venture.

By John MaddisonJune 07, 2018

Industry Trends

Could 5G Mutate the Threat Landscape?

IoT and 5G are important technological achievements that are changing the world. However, this optimism needs to be tempered with clear thinking and planning if we want to keep up with the consequent evolution of the threat landscape happening at the same time.

By Steve MulhearnJune 07, 2018

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New Threats, Old Threats - A Deeper Look

From cryptojacking to botnets to malware, cybercriminals keep evolving their attack methods to increase their success rates.

By Derek MankyJune 06, 2018

Industry Trends

Ten Best Practices for Outsmarting Ransomware

Almost a year after WannaCry made global news headlines, a number of high-profile organizations have continued to be targeted by this ransomware, some quite recently. It's part of a growing trend that has the potential to impact large numbers of people, and with potentially devastating consequences.

By Derek MankyMay 31, 2018

Industry Trends

Fireside Chat with Halifax Health: Protecting Patient Data with Firewalls and AI

A top priority for Halifax Health is safeguarding patient information. Fortinet recently talked with Halifax Health about the challenges of protecting health data and Halifax’s use of Fortinet products.

By John MaddisonMay 31, 2018