Industry Trends

Industry Trends

What Makes SD-WAN More Than Just a Branch Solution?

Modern SD-WAN solutions are more than just branch solutions, securely and rapidly connecting home users and branch offices to data centers and distributed cloud environments. Learn how.

By John Maddison January 13, 2021

Industry Trends

Understanding the Security Implications of the Hybrid Workforce

IT teams must adjust strategies to manage hybrid workforces at scale. Explore key considerations for managing and securing hybrid workforces.

By Jonathan Nguyen-Duy January 11, 2021

Industry Trends

Fortinet Expands FortiCASB Offering to Support New Cloud Applications

Fortinet expands its FortiCASB offering to support new cloud applications and provide visibility, compliance, data security, and threat protection for cloud-based services. Learn more.

By Fortinet January 07, 2021

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Tackling OT Security as Networks Converge

Explore critical considerations for OT security as IT-OT convergence continues to introduce new challenges for CISOs.

By Rick Peters January 05, 2021

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Benefits of an Automated Orchestration System for SD-WAN

Centralized orchestration and automation not only eliminate complexity and simplify network operations, but also improves efficiency and reduce risks. Learn how to up your SD-WAN game with automation and business outcome-driven orchestration.

By Nirav Shah January 04, 2021

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Fortinet Gives Back Through Community Engagement

Fortinet employees across many locations came together in various ways to give back to those in need, making an impact on the communities they live in. Learn more.

By Sandra Wheatley December 31, 2020

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Securing Your Environments on the Edge

As centralized visibility is sacrificed for performance and agility, cybercriminals look to take advantage. Learn more about emerging cyberthreats and how to protect against them.

By Derek Manky December 29, 2020

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Next Generation Businesses Require a Security-driven Network

Security-driven Networking is an essential strategy for securing today’s dynamic and evolving digital infrastructures. Read three critical steps for implementing a Security-driven Network.

By Nirav Shah December 28, 2020

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Attack Vectors During the Holidays Remain Largely the Same

As people rely more heavily on online shopping this year, it is important to remain cyber-aware. Learn about some common techniques cybercriminals will likely use this year.

By Renee Tarun December 24, 2020

Industry Trends

Overcoming the Challenges of Rapid and Effective Incident Response

Security leaders must leverage the capabilities of automation and other AI-driven innovations to alleviate overburdened security teams. Learn how to address the key challenges of incident response.

By Jonathan Nguyen-Duy December 23, 2020