Industry Trends

Industry Trends

Understanding the Attack Chain Helps to Counter Threats

Effectively defending against cyberattacks in this new environment requires security teams to work smarter rather than harder. Learn more.

By Anthony Giandomenico December 03, 2021

Industry Trends

Digital Safety This Holiday Season

Read about some of the most common cyber threats to prepare for during the holidays—along with a few unique outliers to be on the watch for according to Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs.

By Aamir Lakhani November 24, 2021

Industry Trends

Best Practices for Safe Online Shopping

As Cyber Monday approaches, shoppers should prepare for both traditional online shopping risks as well as new timely e-commerce threats. Learn about the best practices to avoid falling victim to these threats.

By Aamir Lakhani November 17, 2021

Industry Trends

Rickard Sellstedt, an NSE 8 Network and Security Engineer

Today’s evolving cyber threat landscape calls for more resources and more people with diverse skills to stay ahead of cyber adversaries and keep attacks at bay. Learn about the journey to achieving NSE Level 8 certification with a network and security engineer.

By Rob Rashotte October 26, 2021

Industry Trends

Global Cyber Threat Intelligence Partnerships: An Opportunity to Work Together

FortiGuard Labs mission is to provide Fortinet customers with the industry’s best threat intelligence to protect them from malicious activity and sophisticated cyberattacks. Learn how Fortinet is creating partnerships to combat cyber threat intelligence.

By Derek Manky October 25, 2021

Industry Trends

Addressing the Need for a New Security Platform

A security platform approach is necessary to weave all critical security functionality into a unified solution protecting the entire network. Learn more.

By John Maddison October 22, 2021

Industry Trends

Jeff Robbins, an NSE 8, Talks How to Cultivate the New Generation of Cyber Professionals

Fortinet is working to cultivate and train a new generation of cyber professionals to help close the cybersecurity skills gap. Read an interview with a professional who is NSE 8 Level certified and how it has helped both business and career.

By Rob Rashotte October 18, 2021

Industry Trends

Smart Building Security: Risks and Remedies

Learn how Fortinet offers expertise to assist in developing a smart building architecture and long-term management strategy.

By Rick Peters October 13, 2021

Industry Trends

Considerations for Securing a Work-from-Anywhere World

Accommodating a hybrid workforce requires networks to become hybrid as well-all while trying to balance security with user experience. Learn more.

By Nirav Shah October 13, 2021

Industry Trends

The Increasingly Data- and Patient-Driven Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical value chain has become increasingly digital, creating a complex network of workers, both remote and on-premises, and partners. Learn how to make data protection a priority.

By Troy Ament October 12, 2021