Industry Trends

Industry Trends

Increasing Access to Fortinet Cybersecurity Training’s Top Level of Certification

To help address the growing talent shortage, Fortinet is expanding access to its Network Security Expert (NSE) Level 8 Certification by making it entirely available through online proctored exams.

By Rob Rashotte January 30, 2023

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Types of Ransomware Attacks and Cyber-Hygiene Best Practices

Learn about the five main types of ransomware attacks along with some ransomware best practices to protect yourself or your business from an attack.

By Aamir Lakhani January 18, 2023

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Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap with Passionate Trainers

To help close the skills gap, the Fortinet Training Institute has developed a global network of accredited training centers. Learn about one trainer’s key challenges, rewards, and recommendations for those looking to get certified.

By Fortinet January 11, 2023

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More Cybercrime Among K-12 Districts Requires a Comprehensive Approach to Security

Many K-12 school districts are embracing digital transformation and upgrading to a new level of connectivity benefits. Learn how implementing the right technologies to educating employees on smart cyber hygiene practices, can help K-12 school districts protect against cybercrime.

By Bob Turner December 27, 2022

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Critical Infrastructure Providers Require Secure Networking to Meet Clean Energy Goals

Learn which security programs can adequately protect the IT and operational technology (OT) components that power the nation’s essential services.

By Rachelle Chong December 21, 2022

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Your Holiday Guide to Safe Cybershopping

Learn tips and best practices to secure your online shopping experience this holiday season.

By Aamir Lakhani December 20, 2022

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Applying a Zero Trust Mindset to Securing Industrial Control Systems

Learn from multiple CISOs about the zero-trust mindset necessary across OT and IT to secure modern and legacy solutions while supporting remote access and protecting resources within a network boundary.

By Fortinet December 19, 2022

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Key Insights from the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting on Cybersecurity

Learn more about key takeaways from the WEF Annual Meeting on Cybersecurity pertaining to some of the industry's most pressing global challenges.

By Derek Manky December 12, 2022

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Collaborating with Partners to Expand Access to Fortinet’s Industry-Recognized Cybersecurity Training

The Fortinet Training Institute is addressing the cybersecurity skills gap through training for security professionals and anyone interested in a career in cyber. Fortinet is collaborating with various partners to provide curriculum to organizations. Read to learn more about an Authorized Training Center (ATC) partner and offering certification training.

By Rob Rashotte December 09, 2022

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Now Is The Time for Improved Funding to Support Education Cybersecurity

Fortinet supports calls from the education community for access to stronger network security tools through the modernization of E-Rate eligible services list. Read more about efforts to secure the education sector.

By Bob Turner and Hugh Carroll December 01, 2022