Industry Trends

Industry Trends

Jeff Robbins, an NSE 8, Talks How to Cultivate the New Generation of Cyber Professionals

Fortinet is working to cultivate and train a new generation of cyber professionals to help close the cybersecurity skills gap. Read an interview with a professional who is NSE 8 Level certified and how it has helped both business and career.

By Fortinet October 18, 2021

Industry Trends

Smart Building Security: Risks and Remedies

Learn how Fortinet offers expertise to assist in developing a smart building architecture and long-term management strategy.

By Rick Peters October 13, 2021

Industry Trends

Considerations for Securing a Work-from-Anywhere World

Accommodating a hybrid workforce requires networks to become hybrid as well-all while trying to balance security with user experience. Learn more.

By Nirav Shah October 13, 2021

Industry Trends

The Increasingly Data- and Customer-Driven Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical value chain has become increasingly digital, creating a complex network of workers, both remote and on-premises, and partners. Learn how to make data protection a priority.

By Troy Ament October 12, 2021

Industry Trends

The More You Know: Get the Skills to Defeat the Cyber Kill Chain

Defeating cybercriminals requires understanding each step of the cyber kill chain and this requires constant learning about cybersecurity and the threat landscape. Learn more.

By Aamir Lakhani October 11, 2021

Industry Trends

Taking a Platform Approach to Zero Trust

As organizations embark on the zero trust journey, taking a platform approach and choosing solutions that are integrated by design will be much easier to deploy, configure, and maintain. Learn more.

By Peter Newton October 07, 2021

Industry Trends

Cyber Hygiene Skills to Keep Kids and Families Safe Online

As both families and children spend more time online, the need for cybersecurity is more important than ever to protect against cyberthreats. Learn how to practice good cyber hygiene skills and the key steps we can take to keep our kids safe online.

By Renee Tarun October 06, 2021

Industry Trends

The War on Cybercrime and Ransomware: Are You Ready?

Cyberattacks are affecting thousands of organizations in a single incident creating an important inflection point for the war on cybercrime. Learn how protect against cybercrime and ransomware.

By Derek Manky October 04, 2021

Industry Trends

CISO Q&A: How CISOs Across Industries Can Keep Pace with the Evolving Threat Landscape

Fortinet CISOs explore how organizations across industries have been impacted by evolving threat landscape trends and what this means for them moving forward. Learn more.

By Alain Sanchez, Joe Robertson, and Renee Tarun September 29, 2021

Industry Trends

Schools and Libraries Must Have Support to Adequately Secure Their Networks

Schools across the US have increasingly been the target of cyberattacks, ranging from digital vandalism to identity theft and ransomware. Read more about what is needed to help schools and libraries adequately secure their networks.

By Bob Turner September 27, 2021