Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Software Company Consolidates Networking and Security with Fortinet

Learn how Fortinet helped this software company build a more cost-effective approach while also reducing the overall complexity of its networking environment.

By Satish Madiraju March 07, 2023

Customer Stories

Global Healthcare Organization Enhances Security of Remote Working with FortiSASE

Learn how the combination of FortiSASE and ZTNA is proving the perfect mix for this healthcare provider to achieve its security goals for remote workers.

By Troy Ament and Satish Madiraju February 08, 2023

Customer Stories

Enabling Digital Transformation in K-12 Education

Find out how the Fortinet Security Fabric met a school district’s needs to support its digital transformation, reduce costs, and improve the user experience.

By Bob Turner and Rami Rammaha January 16, 2023

Customer Stories

Large Travel Company Enables Zero-trust Security With Fortinet

Learn how Fortinet's zero-trust network access solution delivered the highest levels of security with deep integration and consolidation for operational efficiency to a large travel company.

By Cornelius Mare and Peter Newton October 31, 2022

Customer Stories

Fast Food Chain Secures Hybrid Workforce with FortiSASE

Learn how Fortinet's FortiSASE solution paved the way for a fast food chain to scale its hybrid workforce and support its footprint expansion across the country.

By Courtney Radke and Satish Madiraju August 29, 2022

Customer Stories

Manufacturer Improves Network Resilience and Enables Multi-Cloud Strategy With Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

Learn how a kitchen and home products manufacturer increased network resilience and enabled a multi-cloud strategy with Fortinet's Secure SD-WAN.

By Rami Rammah and Courtney Radke July 07, 2022

Customer Stories

Manufacturer Embraces Secure Hybrid Working with FortiSASE Secure Access Service Edge

With Fortinet’s FortiSASE in place, a manufacturer was able to benefit from a secure hybrid workforce and work-from-anywhere environment. Read to learn more.

By Satish Madiraju and Jaime Chanaga June 22, 2022

Customer Stories

Major Retailer Converges Network and Security Systems With Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

Read about how a major retailer set out to build a new network and was able to converge its network and security systems with Fortinet's Secure SD-WAN.

By Rami Rammaha and Courtney Radke June 15, 2022

Customer Stories

Brazilian Energy Provider Secures OT Compliance and Communications Performance Gains with Fortinet

Read about how an energy provider modernized it's OT security and met it's OT security compliance objectives with Fortinet's Security Fabric.

By Jaime Chanaga and William Noto June 01, 2022

Customer Stories

Large U.S. Equipment Dealership Secures Remote Workforce with Fortinet SASE

Read about how a construction equipment dealership is enabling the future of work for employees by leveraging the future of secure remote working.

By Nirav Shah and Satish Madiraju May 17, 2022