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What to Expect at our Accelerate 2019 Conference

By Fortinet | February 13, 2019

Today’s highly distributed and evolving networks no longer operate in isolation. They are highly interconnected with other networks, include rapidly changing and extremely mobile users and devices, and have to span a variety of physical, cloud, and remote environments. At the same time, the threat landscape is rapidly evolving as well—often faster than internal IT teams are able to keep up.

In this case, it is critical that everyone involved has a strong understanding of threat trends and attack vectors, the existing network infrastructure, and how to reconfigure that infrastructure to maintain continuous security as the network becomes more distributed—without disrupting critical business processes. With cybercriminals constantly developing new strategies and exploiting new attack vectors to target assets, security professionals must regularly hone their skills to stay a step ahead.

With rapid deployment of networking and computing resources, many organizations do not have enough devoted security resources to stay on top of new threats. And even those that do often find themselves strained and shorthanded as they contend with the cybersecurity skills shortage.

At Fortinet, it is our mission to help organizations address and secure their entire attack surface, even as it undergoes constant change and increasing risk. We do this by offering our customers and partners the tools, services, and know-how to stay ahead of cybercriminals. This is the main focus of our annual Accelerate conference.

What to Expect at Accelerate 2019

Accelerate 2019 will take place April 8th-11th in Orlando, Florida at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. Here, Fortinet users and partners from a wide range of industries—including retail, healthcare, and government—will gather to network, collaborate, and attend hands-on training sessions focused on the security and compliance challenges they have in common in the wake of digital transformation, as well as to discuss and address some of their unique challenges with industry peers and Fortinet security specialists.

Sponsors at this year’s conference include:

  • Intel (Platinum)
  • Backbox- (Platinum)
  • Hughes- (Gold Plus)
  • NoviFlow (Gold Plus)
  • Nozomi Networks (Gold Plus)
  • Restore Point (Gold)
  • FireMon (Silver)
  • Stratozen (Silver)

The conference will offer more than 50 informative sessions focused on protecting modern distributed networks, with an emphasis being placed on network, endpoint, and cloud security. Furthermore, attendees will have the opportunity to learn configuration best practices and get hands-on training with various Fortinet security tools through our Network Security Experts (NSE) program, which will be running before the conference. Finally, Accelerate 2019 will address today’s major security trends, such as the challenges posed by the IoT, and how to best secure Operational Technology environments as they continue to be a growing target.

In addition to skill development and the conference agenda, conference attendees will be able to enjoy the parks and surrounding attractions through a series of social events.

Accelerate 2019 Sessions and Workshops

Accelerate 2019 offers a host of sessions and workshops aimed at providing attendees with the tools and experience they need to effectively secure their networks without inhibiting their digital business initiatives. These will range from the latest security information and best practices, to sessions that address specific industries, the challenges caused by certain trends, or how to best take advantage of a certain tool. 

Pre-Conference Workshops: Attendees may choose to extend their time at the conference to attend one of the 12 pre-conference workshops, beginning April 6th. These workshops will last two days, covering the curriculum from our NSE level 4-7 training courses. These interactive courses cover a range of increasingly-advanced security topics and Fortinet solutions. These courses not only provide best practices and skills, they also include how to fully leverage the capabilities of FortiGate, FortiNAC, FortiSIEM, and other technologies with discussions ranging how to integrate the tools into existing systems to how to reconfigure and troubleshoot solutions. The most advanced level of these workshops will demonstrate how to deploy, troubleshoot, and manage multiple Fortinet solutions integrated into a centralized security infrastructure, how to most effectively secure popular private or public cloud architectures, and more.

This is an excellent opportunity for users and partners seeking to begin or level-up their NSE training.

Fast Track Workshops: These workshops examine specific business or technology use cases and their challenges, then offer training for the Fortinet solution intended to remediate those challenges. These training sessions are a good jumping off point for attendees considering pursuing NSE certifications.

Fast track workshops offer technical, hands-on training for solutions such as the Security Fabric, FortiOS, NGFW, FortiSandbox, SD-WAN architecture, FortiNAC, and many more.

Attendees will come away better understanding:

  • How to configure solutions
  • Key solution features
  • Threat detection and management

Breakout Sessions: These sessions offer attendees the chance to hear a from Fortinet security leaders and experts in the field as they address specific vertical trends, challenges, and strategies. Topics include:

  • Fortinet—Leading a Retail Revolution
  • Meeting the Challenges of Healthcare Digitization
  • Managing Digital Transformation Within State and Local Governments and Education
  • Mitigating Risk and Fortifying Agency Security with Fortinet Federal
  • The Journey to Digital Transformation: Securing Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology (OT)
  • SD-WAN - Coming to a Service Provider Near You.

Tech Demos: This year’s TechExpo will provide attendees with the opportunity to experience more than 30 Fortinet product demos. With more technology from our Partner ecosystem than ever before, attendees are guaranteed to walk away with critical knowledge of how to address challenges in the constantly evolving threat landscape.

These interactive sessions give attendees the chance to learn about and discuss the ever-expanding needs around digital transformation, compliance, and resource constraints.

Final Thoughts

To stay ahead of today’s highly-advanced cyber threats, security practitioners must be constantly updating and honing their skills. This is the aim of the sessions and workshops offered to our partners and users at Accelerate 2019. We strongly encourage partners and customers to attend.

What: Accelerate 2019
Where: Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort - Orlando, Florida
When: April 8th-11th


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