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Visit Fortinet on the Microsoft Ignite World Tour

By Fortinet | February 07, 2019

Business Transformation Driving Cloud Adoption

To keep pace with digital transformation initiatives, organizations are rapidly adopting a cloud-first agenda both for new IT investments as well as the migration of existing workloads.

Public cloud environments offer an open and flexible cloud computing platform with no capital expenditures or hardware to deploy. Organizations can have new initiatives up and running quickly and cost effectively. And with a wealth of different services available, the outcome is that organizations not only can support digital initiatives through the cloud, but they can also introduce more dynamic and efficient solutions.

So are you going Azure? As a leading provider of cloud computing services, Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of enterprise and consumer services designed to help organizations meet their business challenges. With 54 global Azure regions spanning 140 countries, the Microsoft global network delivers those services through an energy-efficient global infrastructure that is highly available, secure, and agile.

Security Top of Mind

Today’s sophisticated and ever-changing threats are attacking every possible vector, and cloud opens up a whole new attack surface. As applications and data move to a public cloud environment, securing them is top of mind—as certainly should be the case.

So who is responsible for securing data and resources in the cloud? The shared responsibility model clearly indicates that the cloud provider is responsible for securing all the physical infrastructure, and Microsoft Azure has security controls integrated into the hardware and firmware components of its cloud platform to do just that. You, however, are responsible for keeping your apps and data safe, wherever where they reside or transit.

Securing cloud-based resources can be challenging, especially if you are looking to create a single, integrated security framework that spans your entire distributed network, from core to cloud. Battling the sophisticated and ever-changing threats your organization is accustomed to on-premises is one thing, but extending it to keep pace with the dynamic nature of cloud is another. That is why security well beyond basic network-level controls is required to protect business-critical apps and data in the cloud.

So is enterprise-grade, comprehensive security possible in a cloud environment?


Fortinet Cloud Security Solutions

Fortinet’s broad portfolio of top-rated cybersecurity solutions have been engineered for native integration into cloud platforms. They deliver automated centralized management of the entire security infrastructure and response capabilities that are as dynamic and intelligent as your workloads.

Fortinet solution provides a broad set of security tools that covers the entire attack surface to protect against advanced threats and the ability to integrate your cloud controls with your on-premises security solutions, so you can get consistent visibility and control across your entire organization.


Fortinet + Microsoft Azure

As a Microsoft Azure Tier 1 partner, Fortinet offers Azure-native virtual network security appliances that deliver solutions to meet even the most demanding cloud security challenges.

We are here to ensure that as you work through all the different security aspects that need to be evaluated when moving to Azure, you have someone with reliable experience and real-world solutions that you can trust to make that transition as effective and painless as possible. With Fortinet and Microsoft Azure in your corner, you can reliably and confidently transform your business while addressing security risks.

Available today directly from the Azure Marketplace are:

Visit Fortinet on the Microsoft Ignite World Tour

Want to learn more about securing your transition to Azure cloud? Fortinet is a Global Platinum Sponsor of the 2019 Microsoft Ignite world tour visiting cities all over the world. Fortinet will have a team of experts onsite at each city on the tour speaking, giving live demos, and meeting with you to discuss your cloud projects.

Events, exhibit facilities, and speaking opportunities will vary from city to city. Be sure to come by with questions on anything from cloud security strategy, to hybrid cloud use cases, or to optimizing user experience.

Microsoft Ignite Tour 2019 Event Schedule





February 13-14

Hong Kong

February 20-21


February 26-27


March 20-21


March 27-28


April 3-4

Mexico City

April 10-11


April 24-25


May 22-23

If you can’t make it to one of the events, you can follow this link to read more about the Fortinet cloud security solutions.