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SFR Business Launches Managed SD-WAN Service with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

By Fortinet | February 09, 2021

SFR Business, a communications service provider based in France, has chosen to add Fortinet Secure SD-WAN to its new managed SD-WAN service, SDnet.

As enterprise organizations embrace digital innovation and navigate new work realities—including increasingly distributed workforces—their legacy network architectures struggle to keep up. Fortunately, managed SD-WAN services enable distributed organizations to take advantage of the key benefits of SD-WAN, while relying on a provider like SFR Business to host the service platform, integrate its equipment and ensure smooth operations.

SFR, France's second-largest communications services company, is a telecommunications industry leader serving 23 million customers. SFR owns the country's first optical fiber network (FTTH / FTTB) with 19.8 million eligible FTTx connections and has launched 5G in France. 

With its 100% fully-owned fiber network delivers high-performance fixed and mobile connectivity, SFR Business offers ICT solutions to all enterprises, from SMEs to global company and public administrations: Unified Communication, IoT, Cloud, Security, Customer Relationship Services, and Managed Networks.

As part of its decision to expand its offerings and deliver value-added services to businesses, SFR Business chose to launch a new managed SD-WAN service. To do this, SFR Business required a SD-WAN solution that had all the benefits of SD-WAN, while also delivering advanced, integrated cybersecurity features through a single platform.

SFR Business and Fortinet Partner to Deliver Flexible and Scalable Secure SD-WAN Services

With these requirements in mind, SFR Business chose the Secure SD-WAN solution from long-time partner, Fortinet. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN addressed all of SFR Business needs with key SD-WAN capabilities like advanced routing, self-healing WAN, enhanced application performance, and intuitive orchestration, combined with next-generation firewall (NGFW) security in a single offering. 

By leveraging Fortinet Secure SD-WAN in its SDnet service, SFR Business provides customers with a flexible and scalable SD-WAN solution that delivers complete visibility, advanced security, and optimal user experience—hosted and managed by SFR Business.

“With our SDnet managed service powered by Fortinet Secure SD-WAN, we are making SD-WAN accessible to small and medium-sized businesses through a turnkey and integrated end-to-end solution. We build solutions in line with the expectations of our customers and the constant technological developments that impact them.”
Grégory Rabuel, CEO, SFR 

SDnet was highly anticipated in the marketplace, and several companies adopted it soon after it was launched as part of their strategy to make security a cornerstone of development projects that combine the internet, cloud, and private networks. 

“We are thrilled to see the expansion of our long-time partnership with SFR Business through the integration of Fortinet Secure SD-WAN into their new managed SD-WAN service, SDnet. This offering delivers high performance connectivity, improved user experience and advanced security at branches and distributed locations through a Security-driven Networking approach.”
- John Maddison, CMO & EVP of Products, Fortinet

Customers using SDnet can integrate the service into their existing network architecture, then gain centralized visibility of the corporate network through a personalized portal. This scalable interface also simplifies customers’ ability to carry out essential configurations on their networks, including configuring settings for routing and security rules.

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