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Setting the Record Straight on Competitor Misinformation

By John Maddison | November 11, 2022

It may not seem like it, but it is a compliment when competitors take notice of our market leadership and history of innovation, and choose to put out false information about our products and solutions.

Instead of joining into the fray and playing the same game, I prefer to thank them for the free marketing and use it as an opportunity to once again share why Fortinet is the driving force in cybersecurity innovation and the convergence of networking and security.

Customers Want Solutions Not Marketing FUD

So allow me to take a moment to review a few areas where competitors have been spreading misinformation and set the record straight.

To start, our solutions are the most deployed, most patented, and most validated in the industry. These accolades speak for themself and are rooted in over 20 years of prioritizing research and development in our company culture. That’s why over half a million customers trust us to not only solve their challenges today, but also anticipate their security needs of tomorrow.  

1) Higher Performance & Lower Power Consumption

Recent efforts to downplay the performance advantages of Fortinet technology seem especially unfounded. No other vendor comes close to Fortinet in delivering next-generation firewall (NGFW) performance numbers for threat protection, SSL inspection, and other critical security functionality. In addition, our NGFWs require significantly less power, helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Just look at the Security Compute Rating chart comparing the performance and power consumption of competitor solutions versus our latest NGFW, the FortiGate 1000F, which showcases a 2 to 7.4x performance advantage and up to 7x lower power consumption:

The reason our NGFWs deliver higher performance than competitive solutions across entry-, mid-, and high-end ranges is that Fortinet is the only vendor to have developed specialized security processing units, or SPUs, to offload the heavy lifting required to process and analyze today’s high volume of latency-sensitive data – a 20-year investment for our company. The off-the-shelf processors used by literally every one of our competitors was never designed for the rigors of securing data, and as the volume of data keeps increasing, they keep falling behind.

Additionally, FortiGate is more than just an NGFW. Via the power of the FortiOS operating system, FortiGate delivers one of the top Secure SD-WAN solutions, includes a powerful LAN edge controller, enables the industry’s only universal ZTNA application gateway, and facilitates the convergence of NOC and SOC.

What all this means for our customers is better ROI and price-to-performance, so you can do more with less.

2)  AI/ML-powered Security

Fortinet and its threat intelligence and research organization, FortiGuard Labs, have been at the forefront of AI and ML innovation, dedicating more than a decade to developing technologies such as deep learning and neural networks. This AI and ML is incorporated directly into Fortinet’s products or runs on the FortiGuard Labs distributed cloud infrastructure, enabling products to be updated, query live data to see if attacks exist, and enable real-time protection against the latest threats. More than 500 dedicated threat researchers have contributed over 680,000 hours of research into our AI/ML-driven analytics platform, which boasts one of the richest data sets from over 8 million Fortinet products deployed globally. We also have developed continuous learning and competing AI/ML systems to test each other and optimize the efficacy of our technology to protect against common AI/ML cyber-attacks such as AI poisoning and faulty data sets.

What this means for our customers is real-time threat intelligence, behavior-based detection, automated remediation, protection from known and unknown threats, fewer false positives, and the ability to see, assess, and respond to threats anywhere across your network.

3) Zero Trust Security

With the broadest portfolio of zero trust solutions spanning users, applications, network assets, and devices, no other vendor comes close to supporting organizations in implementing zero trust across their entire hybrid network. 

We know that complexity is your biggest challenge in implementing a zero-trust architecture, and that’s why we deliver a fully integrated set of solutions. For example, our ZTNA agent is also our VPN agent, which means a smooth, controlled transition to ZTNA, one application at a time. We’re also the only security vendor to provide consistent ZTNA technology everywhere across the network: campus, data center, cloud, branch, and remote workers. That’s because Universal ZTNA is built into our NGFWs, our SASE solutions, and our cloud-based offerings to ensure consistent enforcement end-to-end regardless of where users, applications, and other resources might be located.  

Fortinet is More than Just Technology Innovation

And Fortinet stands for more than just technology innovation. Social responsibility is an integral part of our business because we believe it is our duty to help make the world a safer and more sustainable place. We proudly maintain one of the largest and broadest training programs in the industry with a pledge to train 1 million people in cybersecurity by 2025 to help close the cybersecurity skills gap. With the broadest ecosystem of third-party integrations, we support our customers in building a cybersecurity platform, no matter what products they’ve already deployed. Our dedication to cross-industry threat sharing and partnerships with organizations such as Interpol and the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity helps combat today’s most pressing cyber challenges. And our commitment to sustainable product innovation ensures each generation of Fortinet products consumes less energy and is built sustainably.

So, if your existing investments aren’t panning out and you’re tired of working with companies that over-promise and under-deliver, then I encourage you to reach out to Fortinet. We have you covered.

And if you’d like to get into the details of exactly how we stack up, read more.