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Securing Government’s Digital Journey at the 2020 Security Transformation Summit

By Bob Fortna | November 03, 2020

As the government’s digital transformation continues or even accelerates given the global pandemic, cybersecurity will play a critical role in protecting agency missions. For federal, state and local agencies to truly benefit from IT modernization and innovation projects, security must be integrated into every step of the lifecycle. And while there will always be risk, there are ways to proactively secure the ever-expanding digital attack surface and protect against sophisticated cyber adversaries.

Fortinet Federal Security Transformation Summit 2020

At the upcoming event, top public-and private-sector leaders will share insights on key topics including zero trust, pandemic-era cyber threats and the importance of AI-driven cybersecurity. The Summit will give cybersecurity experts across government, tech and academia a chance to examine some of the most pressing national security issues and explore the path forward.

Panelists this year include an impressive roster of leaders in federal, state and local government technology, along with a keynote from Mark Hakun, Defense Department Acting Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity and Acting CISO. Sessions will cover a range of themes and offer views from those working to implement emerging technology in the government.

The event will be taking place virtually on November 12 from 9am-11:30am ET.

Fortinet Sessions at the Security Transformation Summit

I look forward to delivering opening and closing remarks for the event. Some key sessions are included below. Make sure to register ahead of the event!

The Capitalism of Cybersecurity Demands Closing the Critical Skills Gap

Phil Quade, CISO, Fortinet

During his keynote session, Phil Quade, CISO at Fortinet, will address the importance of a bigger, better and more diverse cyber workforce. Diversity of background will play a big role in ensuring a more creative and adept next generation of cyber defenders. These measures will not only address today’s critical infrastructure and government needs, but also serve as a training ground for future cyber pros.

Zero Trust Access Control: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Solomon Adote, CSO, State of Delaware

Gerald Caron, Director, Enterprise Network Management, Dept. of State

Dr. Chase Cunningham, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Moderator: Jim Richberg, Field CISO, Fortinet

In this panel, Fortinet Field CISO Jim Richberg will speak with government technology leaders about what zero trust means to their organization and how that’s changed with the sudden shift to telework. He’ll also dig into some of the biggest challenges and best advice for overcoming those barriers.

How Integrated, Automated Cybersecurity Empowers Military Mission Support

Brig. Gen. Matthew Easley, CISO, U.S. Army

Wanda Jones-Heath, CISO, USAF

Rear Adm. David Dermanelian, Assistant Commandant for C4IT (CG-6), Coast Guard

Moderator: Rick Peters, Field CISO, Fortinet

Fortinet Field CISO Rick Peters will speak with military IT leaders about how automation has helped strengthen the Pentagon’s cyber posture. They’ll also discuss how COVID-19 has affected mobile operations and mission readiness as well as the challenges the military faces in the rapid acceleration of innovation. 

On the Cusp of an AI-driven Revolution in Cybersecurity?

Martin Stanley, Branch Chief, Strategic Technology, CISA, DHS

Mark Mollenkopf, Science Advisor to the Commanding General & Acting CTO, U.S. Army Cyber Command

Bob Turner, CISO, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Moderator: Jim Richberg, Field CISO, Fortinet

AI-driven security will take center stage in this panel led by Fortinet Field CISO Jim Richberg. On the cusp of a potential revolution in cybersecurity driven by the convergence between the Unified Technology Platform and increasingly mature AI and ML, these capabilities can enable intelligent automation at scale. This has the potential to take away the attacker’s relative advantages of stealth and speed while also providing the best platform for zero trust operations. Richberg will ask panelists about how their organization is leveraging AI and ML as well as about the challenges they’ve faced in implementation.

There are many more sessions on topics from IT modernization, understanding the threat, convergence of networking and security and dynamic cloud security, access the full agenda online.

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