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Protect Hybrid Data Centers and Prevent Ransomware with FortiGate 3500F NGFW

By Nirav Shah and Muhammad Abid | July 29, 2021

According to the latest FortiGuard Threat Landscape Report, organizations worldwide saw a 700% increase in ransomware attacks over the past year. And ransom demands continue to increase, with one recent high-profile victim paying $5 million to recover their data. Fighting this trend begins with understanding how attackers manage to establish a foothold in the network, spread laterally looking for data, download additional malware, and exfiltrate business-critical data to cause business disruptions or used for extortion.

Part of the challenge is that ransomware communications often go unnoticed. This is partly because ransomware is increasingly leveraging encryption for malware delivery and command and control communications. Legacy Next-Generation Firewalls fail to detect these communications because inspecting SSL inspection can cause performance to drop as much as 70% or more. As a result, many organizations simply forego inspecting encrypted traffic. In addition, hackers use tools like RATs (Remote Access Trojan), HTTPS Beacons, and sophisticated obfuscation techniques to hide their presence, evade detection, and establish secure connections to external servers. 

Achieve Security-Driven Networking with the Industry’s Best-in-Class 3500F NGFW 

Leveraging 20+ years of organic innovation, Fortinet solutions provide enterprise-class protection and consistent user experience across all network edges. Fortinet solutions converge networking and security to deliver advanced NGFW, SD-WAN, SD-Branch, and SASE solutions that operate and scale across complex, hybrid environments at 5G speeds. This is only possible because Fortinet’s FortiGate NGFW solutions are powered with purpose-built ASIC security processors and threat intelligence enhanced with AI/ML. These innovations ensure better prevention, detection, and remediation of ransomware and sophisticated threats hiding in encrypted flows while delivering the best TCO in the industry. Because of these innovations, the FortiGate NGFW has received the highest score in Gartner’s Enterprise Data Center Use Case two years in a row and has maintained a leadership position in their Network Firewall Magic Quadrant the last several years. 

Introducing the FortiGate 3500F NGFW to Secure Hybrid Datacenter

Now, we are excited to introduce the newest addition to our security-driven networking portfolio—the FortiGate 3500F NGFW, designed to protect today’s hybrid and hyperscale data centers. The FortiGate 3500F offers the industry’s highest Security Compute Rating of 6x faster performance than the industry average, including support for TLS1.3, without compromising network performance or user experience. Given its high performance, the FortiGate 3500F can inspect encrypted data in real-time, including streaming video, to detect advanced threats, such as ransomware, that lead to business disruptions, extortion, and paying hefty ransoms to restore operations. 

FortiGate 3500F NGFW

In addition, the FortiGate 3500F protects organizations from network, application, file-based, and volumetric DDoS attacks. It also leverages advanced AI and machine learning, delivered by FortiGuard threat intelligence services, to consolidate IPS, anti-malware, content disarm and reconstruct (CDR), and content security to better manage internal risks. At the same time, its integrated web, video, and DNS security help organizations better manage external risks and threats.

It also boasts the industry’s highest Security Compute Rating of 6x IPsec, reaching upwards of 150Gbps. This enables it to better protect data center interconnect, secure ultra-fast elephant flows of data, eliminate latency issues, and detect and block data being exfiltrated from the network. It also helps it quickly build and secure high-speed paths to remote sites where critical data, applications, and other resources are stored off-network to expedite disaster recovery and eliminate the need to ever pay a ransom. 

Enable Zero Trust Security with FortiGate 3500F NGFW Innovations 

The FortiGate 3500F NGFW is also the only NGFW in the industry to natively integrate access proxy capabilities, thereby enabling zero trust network access (ZTNA). Rigorous network access controls allow the FortiGate platform to identify, authenticate, and monitor users and devices on or off the network. This enables organizations to host applications anywhere and still apply consistent policy controls to secure their hybrid workforce while ensuring a seamless and superior user experience.

Hyperscale your Business Any Way You with Fortinet NGFWs

Fortinet pioneered hyperscale security with the Network Processor 7 (NP7), the only purpose-built ASIC security processor in the industry. Because of this technology, the FortiGate 3500F delivers the industry’s highest number of concurrent connections, operating an average of 12X faster than comparable systems at the same price point. This enables it to provide performance-intensive services in the most demanding environments, including hyperscale data centers, to inspect, segment, and secure locally hosted data and workloads at network speeds. 

Because of this, organizations can now host business-critical applications anywhere and still provide consistent, secure access to corporate users, customers, and partners, regardless of their location or the device they are using. Security everywhere, at any scale, allows you to run your business the way you want, without ever compromising the data integrity of your company, your employees, or your customers. 

Find out how the Fortinet Security Fabric platform delivers broad, integrated, and automated protection across an organization’s entire digital attack surface to deliver consistent security across all networks, endpoints, and clouds.