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Optimizing Business Efficiency with New FortiVoice Cloud Secure Unified Communications

By Wendy Wang | September 15, 2021

Most organizations have turned to cloud computing technologies to streamline their business applications and work more flexibility. A phone system should be no exception. As the modern workforce grows increasingly mobile, cloud communications break the chain between employees and their desks. With the dramatic shift to work from anywhere (WFA), organizations of all sizes are looking to the cloud for secure, scalable, and flexible unified communications (UC) to sustain employee productivity and business continuity. According to a study from IDC, the worldwide Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) market grew 24.9% year-over-year in 2020, to $47.2 billion. Fortinet anticipates this trend will expand to further support remote and hybrid workers with reliable UC.

Fortinet Expands FortiVoice to Deliver Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS)

Fortinet has just introduced a new cloud-based UC solution—FortiVoice Cloud—that empowers organizations to connect their users, regardless of location, to ensure optimal business efficiency. FortiVoice Cloud adds rich cloud-based services to Fortinet’s portfolio of cloud offerings, delivering a robust and secure phone system without the purchase and maintenance of PBX hardware. IT teams will appreciate its quick deployment and simple-to-use management system that receives updates automatically. Their employees can enjoy secure and quality conversations through their ­cloud-ready FortiFone desk phones or from running the FortiFone Softclient on their computers or smartphones. 

FortiVoice Cloud

FortiVoice Cloud gives organizations reliable services and quality communications that empower business of all sizes to connect their offices and teams through a single, secure communications platform.

Enterprise-grade Quality of Service 

Unreliable communications result in low levels of productivity that can affect employee morale, hinder efficiency, and affect business revenue and reputation. FortiVoice Cloud services and data centers are protected and monitored by the full power of the Fortinet Security ecosystem to deliver the highest uptime standard possible. Additional FortiVoice Gateways extend its critical functionality by providing local survivability for always-on connectivity, even during internet downtimes or natural disasters.

Connect from anywhere, anytime

FortiVoice Cloud comes with the FortiFone Softclient for smartphones and computers. This easy-to-use application provides end users with the flexibility they need to access robust communications from anywhere to stay connected. Users can easily make and receive calls, start an instant message, or join a conference meeting directly from their FortiFone Softclient, whether in the office, at home, or on the road. 

Simplified management 

The FortiVoice Cloud’s intuitive web console allows IT to simplify configuration and updates across offices, devices, and users from anywhere. IT has visibility of phone usage, system performance connections, and call reports from the dashboard in real time. Cloud-ready plug-and-play FortiFone devices, and the mobile-ready Softclient, make it easy to quickly set up and activate for users within minutes. 

End-to-end secure protection 

To best secure critical UC communications, applications, and data, FortiVoice is natively part of the Fortinet security ecosystem. It includes built-in advanced security and encryption features to protect your conversations. FortiVoice Cloud also works seamlessly with other Fortinet security products without complicated reconfigurations and time-consuming integrations, making Fortinet the only vendor with integrated, end-to-end security protection across network infrastructure and phone communications.

Affordable, all-inclusive communications 

Quality communications do not have to come at a premium price. FortiVoice Cloud delivers all-inclusive calling, conferencing, chat, fax, and mobile support in one integrated platform. FortiVoice Cloud has everything users need to get their job done efficiently and cost-effectively, with simple subscriptions that allow organizations to only pay for needed call paths. 

Our Commitment to Secure Reliable Communications with FortiVoice

At Fortinet, we understand that reliability is a key foundation of any cloud phone system, which is why we are committed to offering our best-in-class telephony services as an integral part of our Security Fabric solution strategy. 


An unreliable communications system can result in poor employee and customer morale, leading to reduced productivity, hindered efficiency, and a negative impact of business revenue and reputation. As a recognized global leader in cybersecurity, Fortinet’s goal is to ensure that FortiVoice users experience an affordable, integrated communications solution they can build their business around, combined with a robust set of enterprise-grade security and easy-to-use interfaces across both desktop and mobile soft clients. You’ll never have to worry about breaches or outages of your phone system because communications protected by the Fortinet Security Fabric let you focus on growing your business.

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