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Join Fortinet at RSA Conference 2019 in San Francisco, CA

By Fortinet | February 21, 2019

AAs technology advances and the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, CIOs and security professionals are tasked with the responsibility of securing their continually evolving digital networks. These networks are transforming at a rapid rate, forcing professionals to stay on their toes in order to compete with cybercriminals as well as ward off threats inadvertently introduced by new technologies. 

In order to maintain a well-protected security posture and properly manage the evolving network, cybersecurity personnel must be able to navigate modern technologies and the challenges that come with them. This effort can be simplified by incorporating the right threat intelligence and security measures directly into the organization's cyber framework.

To help network security professionals achieve cyber protection at scale, RSA Conference 2019 unites information security teams and professionals, giving them a collaborative space to find better solutions for the cybersecurity industry and help protect the digital world.

RSA Conferences draw over 50,000 attendees per year because of their broad range of content topics and voices. This year’s five-day event in San Francisco is expected to bring together more than 30k attendees, 500+ press and media attendees, and 400+ exhibitors to share the latest in cybersecurity information, industry developments, and future predictions to help better the cybersecurity industry.

Fortinet at RSA Conference 2019

Fortinet is excited to be attending this year's RSA Conference 2019 to collaborate with security professionals seeking to secure their modern networks. Join our team March 4-8 in the North Hall of the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California as we explore cutting-edge advancements in the cybersecurity space.

Visit our booth (#5869), to learn about the latest in cyberthreat intelligence, as well as the strategies and solutions IT professionals need in order to secure their networks against these threats. We’ll be providing attendees with live demonstrations on a wide range of Fortinet cybersecurity solutions, including our industry-leading Security Fabric, the latest cyberthreat research from FortiGuard Labs, and more, along with our popular Expert Bar, where attendees can discuss their toughest challenges with some of the top security experts in the industry.

Additionally, RSA 2019 attendees can join in on three Fortinet speaking sessions:

Flash War: Tapering an Accelerating Attack Chain

This Fortinet session will be led by Derek Manky, Chief of Security Insights, Global Threat Alliances at Fortinet. The session will take place on Tuesday, March 5 from 2:20 P.M. - 3:10 P.M.

This will be an educational discussion around the acceleration of the attack chain and reasons why kill chain defense must be improved. This session will focus on proposing techniques to suppress the quickening of malicious code latency, while highlighting the importance of an enhanced kill chain defense. This discussion will also lay out various ways to protect your network environment from automation and evolving swarm technology.

Honeypot Predators: Hunter vs. Prey

The session will be led by Fortinet's Senior Researcher, Aamir Lakhani. It will take place on Wednesday, March 6 from 9:20 A.M. - 10:10 A.M.

Lakhani will examine how threat-hunting organizations can set up honeypots to attract attackers and gather threat intelligence in order to gain insight inside the world of cybercrime. Attendees will learn from experts who ran honeypots globally, gathered information on how malware is proliferated through the network, and successfully halted attackers using their own techniques.

Joining Forces: Transforming Cybersecurity through Diversity and Data

This session will feature Fortinet’s Director of Product Marketing, Jeannette Jarvis, as one of three expert panelists, with Heather King, Chief Operating Officer of the Cyber Threat Alliance, moderating. This session will take place on Thursday, Mar 07 from 9:20 A.M. - 10:10 A.M.

In this session, panelists will look at cybersecurity today and how various stakeholders are joining forces to share threat intelligence for the good of all and the internet as a whole. It will also look at how women in cybersecurity bring diverse perspectives that offer unique solutions into the problems facing the industry. Attendees will discover how collaboration between competitors is shaping intelligence sharing, learn about the Adversary Playbook and how it can be used to disrupt the bad guys, and hear first-hand how women are bringing diverse thought to the industry and helping to shape it.

Addressing an Evolving World of Cyberthreats and Challenges

Cybersecurity is a vast and growing space. As digital transformation drives the technology evolution throughout modern business environments, security teams must remain aware of new threats targeting their networks.

The rapid proliferation of mobile, IoT, and multi-cloud environments has left modern networks vulnerable to emerging threats and security challenges. In order to protect organizations from today's cyberthreats, data breaches, and security blunders, IT teams need the broad protection and visibility into network segments that can be provided by a robust Security Fabric. With the ability to coordinate security resources to enforce policies, coordinate automated responses to threats detected within the network, and manage solutions and products through a single interface, cybersecurity professionals will be better able to keep up with transformation and effectively battle cybercriminals.

Visit our booth:

There we’ll be providing in-depth demonstrations of how we:

  • Synchronize and automate security resources through our end-to-end Security Fabric
  • Provide up-to-date threat intelligence via FortiGuard Labs
  • Maintain a robust Security Operation Center
  • Deliver expert advice at our Security Experts Bar
  • Help customers with SD-WAN, IoT Security, Cloud Security, and Security Operations

What: RSA Conference 2019: Booth #5869
Moscone Center, San Francisco, California
When: March 4-8, 2019

  • Monday: 5:00pm-7:00pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday: 10:00am-6:00pm
  • Thursday: 10:00am-3:00pm

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