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Join Fortinet at NRF 2019 in New York

By Fortinet | December 27, 2018

The retail sector is experiencing a radical and fundamental transformation. Staying competitive requires mastery of technologies that were unthinkable a few years ago. Customers expect retailers to provide both brick-and-mortar showrooms as well as online shopping experiences that are accessible either from the desktop or on a mobile device. They also expect all of a retailer’s environments to provide a seamless engagement experience. As a result, offering omni-channel customer access is crucial to success for most businesses in the sector. However, these technologies also inadvertently open retail networks to a myriad of complex cyberthreats. In order to stay competitive while securing their businesses, retailers need effective threat landscape knowledge and cybersecurity solutions to effectively combat modern threats. 

Join Fortinet at NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show and learn about the modern threats targeting the retail sector, as well as the strategies and solutions designed to secure retail networks against those threats.

Event Snapshot:

What: NRF 2019

When: January 13-15, 2019

Where: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, New York

Who: 37K attendees from 16K retailers 700+ exhibitors

Note: Over 100 years helping retailers learn, build, and succeed

Fortinet at NRF:

  • Booth (2273), upper-level, Javits Center
  • Live Demo Stations: During the course of this 3-day event, we will be providing live demonstrations on a range of Fortinet cybersecurity solutions—including our market-leading Security Fabric solution, Secure SD-WAN for securing the next-gen branch, the latest threat research from FortiGuard Labs, along with FortiSwitch, FortiAP, FortiManager, and FortiExtender solutions designed to help retailers interact with our technology
  • Interactive magic show throughout the expo hours
  • Sample Fortinet gear will be in the booth for hands on interaction, and our Virtual Rack will be on display highlighting Fortinet’s portfolio of cutting-edge security solutions.
  • Giveaways for all booth visitors
  • Our 60E Appointment Promotion enables qualified booth visitors to receive a FortiGate 60E for taking a follow up appointment with a Fortinet representative. 

Cyberthreats Facing Retail Organizations:

Organizations working to develop a competitive advantage through an omni-channel customer experience cannot afford sluggishness in any of the components related to the customer experience. And yet, some retailers—many of which are already struggling to maintain optimal network performance—find their security infrastructure generates an additional performance burden, especially if they have deployed an assortment of isolated point security products to protect the different facets of their network’s ever-expanding attack surface.

Some retailers are also using, or are looking to use software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) technology to provide high-speed connectivity to their diverse POS systems and other applications. Many organizations have adopted SD-WAN solutions to prevent network bottlenecks through application prioritization and to accelerate performance between branches in distant geographies, as well as to reduce MPLS costs. Unfortunately, many of today’s SD-WAN technologies also create new vulnerabilities. For example, because communications are no longer routed through the corporate data center, branch offices are exposed directly to the Internet.

For retail organizations using out-of-date or poorly planned security solutions, data breaches and site downtime are a very real possibility. As the competitive landscape shifts toward increased reliance on technology, companies in the retail sector need to reconsider their approach to network, application, and data security. Technologies like wireless point-of-sale (POS), guest Wi-Fi, and omni-channel data gathering introduce new threat vectors, something cybercriminals have been quick to capitalize on.

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on devices such as IoT are also increasing in frequency, as are ransomware attacks. These trends are true across industries. Yet, in the case of retailers, downtime from a ransomware attack could be particularly problematic for a company with a corporate strategy built, in part, on providing customers access to an online store 24x7. At the same time, more traditional types of data breaches continue to plague retail organizations that collect valuable financial and sensitive information about customers, employees, and other stakeholders. It’s a pressing concern.

Securing the Retail Space:

In order to maintain a competitive edge while addressing modern threats, retailers need end-to-end digital and physical security solutions that can be deployed as part of an automated Security Fabric. By consolidating the variety of security solutions deployed across the network into a single integrated and automated Security Fabric, IT personnel gain the ability to coordinate their security efforts across the threat landscape, can leverage a single-pane-of-glass view into their security posture and threat defense, and gain the ability to automatically orchestrate a layered response.  

Fortinet’s FortiGate firewalls provide advanced SD-WAN capabilities integrated with industry-leading next-generation security. This integrated approach improves WAN efficiency without compromising on security. Fortinet’s latest integrated WAN path controller enables customers to dynamically distribute applications across multiple links while monitoring the quality of those applications for better performance service levels. Retail branches can also provide direct connections to cloud applications to improve performance and productivity while reducing costs by replacing traditional Multiprotocol Label Switching with a cost-effective WAN solution. Most importantly, Fortinet Secure SD-WAN also reduces complexity with its single-pane-of-glass controller and zero touch deployment. 

An integrated solution from Fortinet eliminates the complexity and security threat of deploying multiple platforms and multiple management applications.  FortiOS simplifies the management of wireless, switching, and security services through a familiar FortiGate GUI. And for larger retailers. policies, configurations, and firmware can be managed across thousands of FortiGates simultaneously with FortiManager Central Configuration.  

Fortinet’s AI-enhanced and multi-layered FortiWeb solution protects retail web apps from the OWASP Top 10 and more. When combined with our Web Application Security Service from FortiGuard Labs, retailers are protected from the latest application vulnerabilities, bots, and suspicious URLs, and with dual machine learning detection engines, applications they are also safe from sophisticated threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflows, cookie poisoning, malicious sources, and DoS attacks.  

Fortinet has Solutions to Help Retailers:

  • Connect and secure retail locations with a complete end-to-end solution through our Security Fabric
  • Simplify PCI compliance with the proven security technology woven into our flagship FortiGates combined with single-pane-of-glass management that can support up to 10,000+ devices through FortiManager.
  • Reduce architecture complexity and improve application performance, all while enhancing your network security – with secure SD-WAN.
  • Provide 100% connectivity uptime to retail operations via 3G/4G cellular backup with FortiExtender.
  • Deliver outstanding guest Wi-Fi and gain customer analytics through our FortiAP and FortiPresence.

Visit our booth to get hands-on demonstrations on the Fortinet products that secure the retail space:


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