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Helping Government Agencies Adapt at the 2019 Security Transformation Summit

By Fortinet | November 21, 2019

As government agencies undergo digital transformation, their security strategies must align with these new initiatives. Without a security transformation plan in place, private information could be inadvertently put at risk and mission objectives may not be fully met. The challenge is learning how to identify and mitigate new risks in the midst of these transformation efforts.

Security Transformation Summit 2019

At the upcoming Security Transformation Summit, presented by Fortinet, top public and private sector leaders will gather to discuss the evolution of technology – such as automation and the cloud – and the implications for securing these new connected environments. By collaborating with other cybersecurity experts across government, tech, and academia, attendees can play an important role in protecting the public interest.   

This event will be taking place at the Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City on December 3rd.

The speaker lineup for this year’s event is impressive, including leaders in federal and state agencies from across the country. In addition to these leading voices, Fortinet will be participating in panel discussions, fireside chats, and delivering a keynote speech. These sessions will cover a range of topics that will provide key insights into how to effectively protect data and systems amidst digital transformation.

Fortinet Sessions at the Security Transformation Summit

Bob Fortna, President of Fortinet Federal, will be leading the opening and closing remarks for this event. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from other members of the Fortinet team throughout the day. Here are a few key sessions that Fortinet will be participating in on December 3rd.

Are we on the Cusp of a Revolution in Cybersecurity

During his keynote session, Phil Quade, CISO at Fortinet, will speak to the potentially game-changing impact of the intersection of a unified technology platform approach to cybersecurity with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML).  The convergence of the unified technology platform approach to cybersecurity embodied by Fortinet’s Fabric with increasingly mature AI/ML capabilities has the potential to both top the balance between attackers and network defenders and help overcome the workforce shortage in cybersecurity. The Federal Government has spent years working to generate a common operating picture of activity within its networks and the ability to respond to threats at machine speed and scale.  Learn how the private sector has approached the problem.

Improving Security with AI and Machine Learning 

Keith Rayle, Security Strategist at Fortinet, will be moderating a panel discussion involving several tech professionals, including Ryan Cote, CIO at the DOT, Frank Konieczny, CTO at the U.S. Air Force, and Rick Pińa, Chief Technology Advisor - Public Sector at World Wide Technology. This session will center on the value of incorporating AI and machine learning into one’s security strategy, especially as new technologies are continually introduced to networks. By embracing this advanced approach to cybersecurity, agencies can more easily and quickly identify vulnerabilities and protect critical information. During this panel discussion, attendees will gain a better understanding of why integrating AI and machine learning with security is critical for protecting today’s expanding threat landscape.   

Considerations for Election Security

Jim Richberg, Field CISO at Fortinet, will be sitting down with Thomas Hicks, Commissioner and Chair of the US Election Assistance Commission to discuss election security. What were the lessons learned from the 2019 elections, and what should cybersecurity professionals and election officials prepare for as we look towards 2020? As technologies enable capabilities such as remote voting from personal devices continue to mature, they bring a range of risks ranging from technical to the psychological. This fireside chat will center on these ideas while affording attendees a perspective as to how these concepts might impact their own agencies and operations. 

Security Driven Networking – Going Beyond Zero Trust

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, VP, Global Field CISO Team at Fortinet, will be speaking to attendees about the need for Security Driven Networking that goes beyond traditional Zero Trust principles. While the Zero Trust model has gained popularity for its prioritization of authenticated traffic, it also has its limitations. By gaining further insight into how to combine the principles behind both Zero Trust and network Segmentation, attendees will be able to enjoy an integrated security architecture that allows their agency networks to defend and secure critical resources while rapidly adapting to change. 

Final Thoughts 

We look forward to participating in this year’s Security Transformation Summit and meeting with leaders to discuss the need for adaptive security across government agencies. By collaborating with other experts and exploring new concepts, attendees will walk away with the knowledge required to keep their agencies and employees, along with the citizens they serve, secure in today’s connected world. 

WhatSecurity Transformation Summit 2019

When: December 3rd, 2019

Where: The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City, Arlington, VA

Learn more about Fortinet’s comprehensive, effective, and adaptive security solutions for today’s connected government.