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Helping Exponential-e Navigate the Changing Threat Landscape

By Fortinet | December 05, 2018

To meet the challenges of the constantly evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, service providers require a robust and flexible infrastructure that enables them to adapt to new lines of attack. Exponential-e, an award-winning cloud, network, UC, and security services provider, recently approached Fortinet with this concern in mind.

The Need for a Modern, Efficient Solution

To continue to provide their customers with the peace of mind that Exponential-e strives for, it was clear that their managed firewall service would have to be updated to keep up with advancing requirements.

Exponential-e already had an established Fortinet Managed Firewall offering, which helped their customers protect their corporate networks from security threats and unauthorised access attempts. However, although the deployed FortiGate models were suitable at the time of implementation, the technology which powered these devices was aging. And because the threat landscape had evolved, their clusters were operating at maximum capacity and there was no system for centralised management. This meant that managing and operating these systems was time consuming and potentially insufficient. As a result, Exponential-e was looking to update and relaunch their Managed Firewall offering as a Managed Next Generation Firewall (MNGF) service, which would help to meet a number of security and operational concerns while keeping their solutions in line with the objective of becoming a managed security service provider (MSSP).

Another issue was that their current infrastructure had become unnecessarily costly to deploy and maintain. As a service provider, Exponential-e was keen to ensure maximum operational efficiency and therefore needed to increase the cost effectiveness of their offering.

Finally, Exponential-e was also driven by increasing customer demand for more visibility into threat data. Increasingly, customers prefer this approach to a ‘black box’ service, so Exponential-e required an interface which could provide their customers with higher visibility and advanced admin capabilities.

Meeting Exponential-e’s Requirements

To address these concerns, Fortinet worked closely with Exponential-e to build a solution strategy that would continue to help them drive their business success forward. Fortinet provided a range of complimentary products to meet Exponential-e’s initial requirements, including two FortiGate enterprise firewalls, along with FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, FortiPortal, and FortiDeploy.

Rather than implementing a rigid product set that would rapidly become outdated, Exponential-e also needed a security infrastructure that could adapt to emerging threats. As a result, Fortinet’s FortiGuard security services subscription was an ideal solution as it provides constant updates to ensure customers are equipped to deal with the latest emerging threats. This solution is also backed up by Fortinet’s large, dedicated FortiGuard research team, which constantly scours the cyber landscape to discover, pre-empt, and block developing threats, enabling Fortinet customers like Exponential-e to rest assured that their offerings are updated and robust enough to stand up to emerging attacks.

This solution also met Exponential-e’s requirement to promote higher operational efficiency. Their new Fortinet solution has enabled Exponential-e to provide more efficient automated services for their customers, thereby reducing the overall costs for the ongoing maintenance and support of the managed services they offer. As a service provider who manages systems on behalf of their clients, this was an important concern to address. Fortinet’s easily deployed infrastructure provided higher efficiency, empowering Exponential-e to manage a greater number of solutions in a more efficient manner.

Exponential-e’s Managed Firewall service is now robust enough to keep up with customer expectations, while meeting operational needs, with room to scale as needed. Customers can benefit from their own dedicated virtualised Firewall, offering features like end user network control access, high availability, health monitoring, and configuration backup. Since implementing this new platform, Exponential-e has continued to grow, doubling revenue from security services while increasing operational efficiency.

Reflecting on their deployment, Mukesh Bavisi, Managing Director at Exponential-e, said, “The success of Exponential-e’s Managed Firewall offering rests on our ability to provide an efficient, cost effective and, most importantly, robust security service. While it can be challenging to meet these objectives in a rapidly changing digital world, Fortinet’s products have allowed Exponential-e to continue to offer a world-class service to our customers in the midst of digital transformation.” Ultimately, Fortinet’s solution has helped Exponential-e win more business and deliver higher levels of service to their customers across the modern threat landscape.

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