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Gartner Peer Insights for Enterprise Firewalls: See What Government Leaders are Saying About Fortinet

By Trish Borrmann | September 22, 2017

Government entities provide critical services that ensure stability across the nation for organizations and the population, such as transportation systems, water, energy, and healthcare. In order to provide these services, respond to queries, and react to an ever-changing global landscape effectively and efficiently, government organizations must rely on IT systems and computer networks.

However, this technical infrastructure is also under constant attack from cybercriminals who range from amateur hackers and technical hacktivists to hostile foreign governments and even cybercriminal organizations. In 2016, there were 30,899 cyber incidents reported by US government agencies that affected operations. The attack vectors for most of these incidents were unidentified, but 4,868 were attributed to web-based or application-based attacks.

Due to such ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated threats, government entities must employ comprehensive security measures designed to both mitigate threats and meet regulations without compromising the delivery of essential services.

Fortinet provides government organizations with a wide range of security solutions, including enterprise firewalls, sandboxing, web application firewalls, and more, all designed to protect their networks – from the data center to the edge – with real-time threat intelligence.

At Fortinet, we continuously update and improve our security solutions using both global and local threat intelligence and real-time monitoring to ensure comprehensive, end-to-end network security for government organizations. And our government customers appreciate that. We are proud of the reviews our products have received from government IT professionals on Gartner Peer Insights that we believe show our efforts and advanced technologies have been effective at protecting their critical network infrastructures and data.

Gartner Peer Insights provides a platform for IT professionals across industries to review their experiences with various solutions, acting as a valuable resource for industry peers. Fortinet currently has over 700 reviews* posted, across a range of products.

Below are some of the positive comments Fortinet’s government customers have posted regarding their experience with Fortinet solutions and support during and following implementation.

Fortinet Once Again Makes Securing Your Environment Easy – CIO role

“Fortinet continues to provide exceptional customer support. Their FortiGuard Service is ahead of the curve on identification and prevention compared to their competitors. I can either call on my account team or my support services to have any issues resolved or questions answered.”

Fortinet, Reliable, Dependable, There When You Need Them Most – CIO role

“The vendor has maintained excellent customer relations and support while we transitioned away from a poorly performing integrator.”

Fortinet Significantly Improves Security And Manageability At A Lower Cost  Information Security Senior Analyst

“Our experience with Fortinet has always been very positive. In recent years, they have stepped up their game with the market offerings in terms of product functionality and offerings. Sales and pre-sales support have been great. Our most recent purchases and upgrades were part of a major focus on Information Security to the FortiGate UTM features were a huge bonus. An all in one solution with the FortiGate allowed us to remove legacy products that were being maintained for the sake of "not changing." The cost savings were tremendous for our client.”

A Fantastic Product With Super Technical and Safety Features With A Simple User Interface – Head of Infrastructure

“Very good technical product and price performance is right. One OS over all models.”

Easy Implementation, Excellent Performance And Trustworthy Technology IT Manager

“It is a mature technology that involves some service we needed in our organization, this technology is quite stable and manageable, it has a very easy web interface to manage all the features we need to improve our services to the organization and then prevent risks in security.”

Easy Implementation, Administration And Excellent Performance Of Your FortiGate Equipment  Infrastructure and Operations Professional

“It is a very pleasant experience to work with the Fortinet brand, which always supports us at any time and is up to date in signatures and security problems.”

Industry Leading Technology At An Affordable Cost With No Compromise  Enterprise Architecture

“I'm very pleased with the innovation that Fortinet brings to its customers at a cost that is truly affordable.”

Implementation Was Seamless And Easily Integrated Into Existing Environment  Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation Professional

We have had great feedback from the design and implementation teams. We have better insight into the environment with enhanced data feeds allowing better decision making and availability.”

The Implementation Was Successful And Smooth  Technology Infrastructure Engineer

“The administration interface is very intuitive, easy to manage, it is possible to configure in a very easy way each functionality incorporated by the equipment, effective control of IPS functionalities, antivirus, web filtering and application control.”

Good Product, Great Team, Amazing Support – CTO

“Easy to deploy and manage, great portfolio and very customer oriented company.”

Simple Implementation, Fast Operation, Intuitive Management, Total Security  Infrastructure and Operations Professional, 50,000+ employee organization

“My experience is very positive, since it has allowed me to administer public and private services quickly and efficiently, applying security and prevention policies in a more orderly manner. I am interested in continuing with this brand because the response times are faster in terms of support and troubleshooting.”

Valuable Asset  Infrastructure and Operations Professional

“Very nice and affordable administration, complies with all the requirements and it’s a highly valuable asset.”

We are proud to offer a full suite of market-leading security products combined with a world-class support team that enables government entities and organizations to focus on securely performing critical tasks. With the number of cyber threats and threat actors that specifically target the government sector, it is more important than ever to deploy effective and tightly integrated security technology throughout the network. When searching for new security solutions, regardless of the scale or complexity of the network environment that needs protection, we encourage IT professionals to consult Gartner Peer Insights to better understand how IT professionals view the different products available, and leverage their experience when it comes to selecting effective protection and performance for their unique government environment.

You can read about the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls report here.  We also invite you to take some time to learn more about the FortiGate Next-Gen Firewall and the Fortinet Security Fabric.

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Gartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-users based on their own experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.

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*Reviews as of September 19, 2017