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Using SD-WAN Aggregation to Meet Bandwidth Needs

By Nirav Shah | April 09, 2019

Until recently, MPLS has been the primary solution for connecting the branch office to the central network. But Digital Transformation has begun to utterly transform today’s networks, and because MPLS connections are very rigid, they don’t adapt well to today’s dynamic and virtual networks.

Advanced SD-WAN Bandwidth Capabilities

SD-WAN, on the other hand, enables the creation of a flexible, resilient, and secure network that can deliver the rich services and interconnectivity to the remote SD-Branch that today’s digital businesses require. It also comes with no bandwidth penalties, is relatively easy to set up, and can easily adapt as the network’s digital framework continues to evolve.

As a result, SD-WAN is now the fastest growing networking technology segment. According to IDC, the "optimization of WAN bandwidth" and "consistent application security are the top two motivations for SD-WAN deployments, while a study by Dimensional Research indicates that more than 85 percent of companies reported that they are actively considering SD-WAN to increase security and reduce sprawl.

But not all SD-WAN offerings provide the solutions that organizations require. SD-WAN not only needs to provide low-cost WAN connectivity, but also ensure that business-critical unified communication application performance remains high—without compromising on effective security. An effective SD-WAN solution also needs to enable WAN overlay combined with simple operations for deploying and managing both Security and SD-WAN functionality across their large networks, which only a few vendors can provide.

Fortinet’s commitment to SD-WAN innovation is setting a new pace by providing organizations with the advanced SD-WAN capabilities—including business-critical application performance, interoperability, and simplifying overall orchestration—all functions that today’s organizations require to compete effectively in today’s digital marketplace.

SD-WAN's Advanced Performance Capabilities

WAN Path Remediation

WAN Path Remediation utilizes forward error correction (FEC) to overcome adverse WAN conditions such as poor or noisy links. This enhances data reliability and delivers a better user experience for applications like voice and video services. FEC adds error correction data to the outbound traffic, allowing the receiving end to recover from packet loss and other errors that occur during transmission, improving the quality of real-time applications. 

SD-WAN Aggregation

Tunnel bandwidth WAN aggregation uses per packet load balancing to maximize the bandwidth utilization to ensure that chatty applications have the performance they need, without compromising the bandwidth of other applications. To provide better insight into bandwidth management, Fortinet Secure SD-WAN is also able to detect and report WAN bandwidth on demand.

Application Steering

Application steering through an accelerated overlay VPN network provides the best quality of experience across an low cost WAN through enhanced application recognition accuracy combined with deep SSL inspection and the lowest performance impact.

New granular historic analytics makes it easier for customers to assess the health of applications and quickly automate policies for effective application steering in the future.

All of these enhancements enable enterprises to improve application performance and reduce WAN troubleshooting and cost.

Enabling Overlay Cloud Orchestration

Fortinet has also announced a new overlay orchestration solution that simplifies overlay VPN deployment with cloud-based automated provisioning to reduce complexity and overhead.

Our new cloud-hosted FortiManager solution is the first solution to fully support complex SD-Branch deployments, allowing organizations to manage the entire SD-Branch suite—including all SD-WAN connections, an integrated portfolio of security solutions, as well as access points and and switches—through a single pane of glass.

High Performance, Comprehensive SD-WAN Solution

In addition to advanced SD-WAN link remediation, Overlay Cloud orchestration, cloud-based management controls, and application services, Fortinet’s new SD-WAN ASIC delivers 10X the performance of competitive solutions. It also accelerates application recognition, and extends connectivity and security functionality and performance from the SD-WAN connection into the branch WAN, optimizing the SD-Branch experience.

Today’s organizations are increasingly making the switch from MPLS to SD-WAN, preferring solutions that can help them meet the demands of digital business and their DX efforts. While many SD-WAN solutions provide basic connectivity, they struggle to provide the full range of speed, interconnectivity, flexibility, and security that today’s branch offices truly require. Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN technology, augmented by the recent release of FortiOS 6.2 and the new SD-WAN ASIC, is the first solution to not only meet, but exceed all of the requirements and expectations of the next-generation branch.

For more details on the comprehensive Fortinet Secure SD-WAN solution, download a copy of our new e-book, “Upgrade Branch Infrastructures with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN” available here.

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