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Fortinet To Share Expert Healthcare Insights During Sessions at HIMSS19

By Fortinet | January 25, 2019

In the healthcare space, digital transformation is a complex and crucial initiative. New medical and network-based IoT and OT devices are being added to improve care and reduce costs. But when these devices are compromised, they can not only disrupt the network but also jeopardize the well-being of patients, data, and internal processes. To address these new attack vectors, Healthcare IT teams must create robust plans for both network and physical security. This includes leveraging emerging tools such as voice and biometric recognition, in addition to more traditional application and IoT security.

Through our years of working closely with our healthcare partners and customers to address issues that stem from digital transformation, Fortinet has gained a first-hand understanding of the pressing needs and concerns plaguing the industry. Fortinet is attending HIMSS19 to work further with healthcare providers to help them better protect their patients and critical devices, and secure the data and other resources they have stored in their expanding networks.

Attendees at HIMSS19 have a chance to learn from the experience and innovations that have resulted from these critical collaborations between Fortinet and our partners through a number of speaking sessions, meetups and media engagements such as HIMSS TV.

HIMSS TV Session Overview

HIMSS TV is the first online broadcasting network focused on global technological innovation in healthcare. Fortinet is excited to announce our participation in two HIMSS TV interviews this year at the HIMSS conference in Orlando. We encourage attendees to sit in on these sessions to gain new insights on digital and physical security, and the application of AI and machine learning in the healthcare space.  

Bridging the Gap of Digital and Physical Security

In today's connected world, the gap between physical and digital security must be bridged to allow for an overarching security architecture that can support the requirements of modern healthcare organizations. The integration of physical security solutions such as monitors and physical access control systems with digital cybersecurity efforts allows for the addition of new recognition and response solutions to a healthcare organization's security toolkit. These efforts allow for greater physical and digital connectivity within the organization while centralizing and streamlining critical security functions.

Fortinet's VP of Enhanced Technologies & Consumer Success, Troy Roberts, will be sitting down with HIMSS TV for an exclusive interview to discuss the importance of a connected digital and physical security architecture and how CIOs can achieve this with the right tools.

What: Exclusive Interview @ Booth 821    

Who: Troy Roberts – VP, Enhanced Technologies & Customer Success at Fortinet

When: Tuesday, February 12: 11:00 AM

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare

Modern healthcare teams are tasked with a variety of complex business enablement requests. In order to keep up, they must expand their organizations' digital capabilities to improve the quality of patient care, reduce costs, and enhance the overall customer and patient experience. To meet these demands, IT teams need to begin leveraging the expanding capabilities of machine learning and AI technology to help address the needs of digital transformation—while also maintaining a consistent and adaptable cybersecurity posture.

During this interview, Fortinet's Senior Security Strategist, Keith Rayle, will be joining Halifax Health's Tom Stafford at the HIMSS TV News Desk to discuss the importance of incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into an organizations' security architecture to support digital transformation initiatives in healthcare.

What: Panel Interview @ HIMSSTV News desk: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare

Who: Tom Stafford, VP & CIO - Halifax Health, Keith Rayle, Senior Security Strategist - Fortinet

When: Wednesday, February 13: 11:00 AM

Working Together to Overcome Physical and Digital Security Challenges

At this meetup, we will be discussing the convergence of physical and digital security. Hear about practical solutions that you can get started with today from our panel of experts: Tom Stafford, VP & Chief Information Officer at Halifax Health, Erik Devine, Chief Information Security Officer at Riverside HealthcareJason Dugenio, Chief Information Officer at Bridgeway Senior HealthcareTroy Roberts, Vice President Enhanced Technologies & Customer Success at Fortinet, and John Lynn, Founder of

Join this discussion to explore the actionable ways your healthcare organization can improve both digital and physical security to better protect patient data and critical resources.

What: Physical and Digital Security: Practical Things You Can Do Today

When: Wednesday, February 13 - 3:00 - 4:00 PM @ Booth 821

Fostering Secure Practices and Communication Amongst Healthcare Staff

Fortinet is also excited to attend the sessions conducted by our valued partner, Tom Stafford of Halifax Health. Tom will be leading a session titled Forging a Stronger Approach for the Cybersecurity Challenge.

Healthcare leaders have identified two major cyberthreats facing their organizations: data theft and ransomware. This session will explore the "bad actors" who threaten healthcare and identify the areas health IT teams need to focus on protecting. Tom will go on to explain Halifax Health's "D3" coordination philosophy, which has reduced the organization’s vulnerabilities to cyberthreat. CIOs and C-Suite executives are encouraged to attend this important and valuable session.

What: Forging a Stronger Approach for the Cybersecurity Challenge

When: Tuesday, February 12: 12:00 - 1:00 PM @ W320

Final Thoughts

Fortinet is looking forward to working with our healthcare partners, customers, and other leaders in the healthcare space to help overcome the security challenges plaguing the industry. Join us and our partners at any of our sessions at HIMSS19 to gain perspective, insights, and actionable solutions to modern health IT issues. And be sure to follow our social media channels for behind-the-scenes coverage of HIMSS 2019.

We hope to see attendees at this year’s show at Fortinet Booth #821.

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