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Accurate Analysis Matters: Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Cyber Threat Assessment Can Help

By Rami Rammaha | August 03, 2021

Customers continue to shift to SD-WAN architectures so they can realize all the benefits that a WAN Edge solution can bring to their networks. The SD-WAN market is expected to surpass the branch router market this year. Globally, managed SD-WAN services are gaining traction while in North America organizations tend to take more of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach to SD-WAN. At the same time, MPLS is slowly eroding in favor of Internet. Advanced SD-WAN techniques ensure quality of experience is achieved regardless of latency, jitter, or packet loss. 

The big question that remains is “how should customers go about designing their networks based on application type, location, and security?” Most organizations run hundreds if not thousands of applications and these applications can reside anywhere. Some applications are consumed as a service (SaaS) such as Office 365. Some critical business applications are kept on-premise for different reasons. Some applications are migrating to the cloud or even born in the cloud. 

Evaluating SD-WAN Deployments

Here are some fundamental questions that organizations should be asking themselves if interested in re-architecting their wide area network to help them decide on the appropriate SD-WAN solution: 

  • What type of applications run on my network? 
  • Do I have application visibility showing which ones communicate both internally and externally? 
  • Do I have visibility into application performance? 
  • Do I know which application should be reached directly to the cloud vs backhauled traffic to the data center? 
  • Do I have visibility into how these applications are secured? 
  • Do I have visibility into security risks? 
  • Do I have visibility into the bandwidth consumed by each application? 

If organizations had answers for all these questions before investing into an SD-WAN solution. This information would be tremendously beneficial to determine next steps organizations should take. For example, how much investment should be made into MPLS? Do investments in thin edge SD-WAN or WAN edge Secure SD-WAN make the most sense? Should there be investments in managed SD-WAN services or toward building in-house? And many more other questions. Fortinet enables organizations to answer all these questions before investing in an SD-WAN solution at no cost. 

The Fortinet Secure SD-WAN CTAP Report

For organizations evaluating or in different stages in their SD-WAN deployment, Fortinet offers customers a Secure SD-WAN Assessment Report through the Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP). 

A Fortinet SD-WAN assessment provides rich information about your current network at no cost and with no impact to your production network to better understand:

  • Application Visibility and Experience – What applications are used and how are they used within your network? Discover applications connecting to both internal and external resources. Learn more about the top applications and their bandwidth usage across different categories from VoIP/video, collaboration, social media, and more. Verify the performance and usage of applications that are operating in accordance with your corporate SLA and usage policies. 
  • Security and Threat Prevention – How are you securing the traffic breaking out locally from the branch? Find out more about the high-risk applications used in your network, top threats based on application vulnerability exploits detected, and even identify devices/hosts which are currently at risk in your network. Ensure your security is not already compromised as you optimize your organization’s cloud connectivity. Finally, enhance your user application experience by leveraging the integrated next-generation firewall capabilities within FortiGate Secure SD-WAN. 
  • Bandwidth Utilization and Performance – How optimized is your bandwidth utilization across your distributed branch locations? Find out which locations consume the most bandwidth and further analyze by top bandwidth-consuming host and destination resources. Ensure your WAN links are utilized and optimized for cost-effective operations without compromising user experience. 


Get Your Free SD-WAN Assessment Report

At the end of the report you’ll receive recommendations on next steps to help you in evaluating your next SD-WAN solution and best approach for design and implementation.

With accurate analysis, you’ll be able to invest intelligently in an SD-WAN solution that can help you drive ROI while transforming and securing your WAN.

If you’re ready for a free SD-WAN assessment, you can start your journey by visiting here.

Take a security-driven networking approach to improve user experience and simplify operations at the WAN edge with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN.

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