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Fortinet Training Institute Wins Industry Accolades

By Rob Rashotte | May 26, 2022

The Fortinet Training Institute has been recognized with various industry awards and accolades that highlight Fortinet’s commitment to cybersecurity training and certification. More recently, Fortinet was named one of SC Media’s 2022 Awards finalists for Best Professional Certification Program. Programs recognized in this award category contribute to the skilled cyber workforce through offerings that deliver custom expertise needed to ensure security teams are up to speed on the latest threats and security technologies and techniques.

These industry recognitions shed light on Fortinet’s commitment to closing the cybersecurity skills gap and its ongoing investment in training and certification, pledging to train 1 million people on cybersecurity across the next 5 years. Fortinet strives to deliver the best cybersecurity training and certification program in the industry.

The Evolution of Cybersecurity Training and Certification at Fortinet

In 2004, Fortinet introduced its first certification program, which included the designations Fortinet Certified Network Security Administrator (FCNSA) and Fortinet Certified Network Security Professional (FCNSP). These initial certification designations were supported by comprehensive hands-on technical training delivered directly by Fortinet and a small number of Authorized Training Centers (ATCs). While this initial certification program met the needs of our customers and partners at the time, the threat landscape has evolved dramatically and so too have the needs of cybersecurity training and certification.

Since the launch of the initial designations, the Fortinet NSE Certification program has evolved from two certifications (FCNSA and FCNSP) to an eight-level Network Security Expert (NSE) program with over 400 hours of supporting training curriculum. The ecosystem supporting this program has also evolved from a small number of Authorized Training Centers to a global network in more than 130 countries and territories, more than 400 academic partners, and a growing number of select non-profit organizations supporting diversity and inclusion within the cybersecurity industry.

While the ever-evolving threat landscape has driven the need for the Fortinet NSE Certification program to expand, the quality of the program has been a direct result of continued corporate investment as well as the longstanding dedication to the program by our curriculum development team at the Fortinet Training Institute, many of our Fortinet Certified Trainers (FCTs), and ATCs. Our curriculum development team takes the lead on the program’s development, but several FCTs have been teaching Fortinet courses since the start of the program and have driven many quality improvements over the years. These quality improvements and program expansion have resulted in more than 840,000 NSE certifications being issued to date. Certainly, a major step toward our goal of closing the cybersecurity skills gap.

Cybersecurity Training Industry Recognitions

The goal of building the best cybersecurity training and certification program is also showing progress and those efforts have recently been recognized and validated by industry through a series of awards. The Fortinet Training Institute has been recognized with: 

  • Finalist for SC Media’s 2022 Awards for Best Professional Certification Program
  • Gold for Best Cybersecurity Training from the 2022 Cyber Security Excellence Awards
  • Silver for Best Security Training and Educational Programs from the Globee 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards®
  • 2021 Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award for Professional Certification Program of the Year
  • Gold for Best Cybersecurity Education Provider from the 2021 Cyber Security Excellence Awards
  • Gold for Best Cybersecurity Training from the 2021 Cyber Security Excellence Awards
  • Gold for Best Security Training and Educational Programs from the Globee 2021 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards®
  • Silver for Best Security Training Marketing Program from the Globee 2021 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards®

The Cybersecurity Excellence awards are produced by Cybersecurity Insiders in partnership with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn, tapping into the vast experience of over 400,000+ cybersecurity professionals to honor the world’s best cybersecurity products, professionals, and organizations.

The 17th Annual 2021 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards® are produced by Globee Awards, who issue business awards for 11 different award programs. Globee Awards nominations are reviewed and judged by industry peers and experts, and the average score decides the winner in each category.

The silver award for Best Security Training Marketing Program was awarded for the Training Institute’s marketing campaign to open its entire catalog of self-paced NSE training courses to the public for free for anyone looking to learn new cybersecurity skills or upskill or add to their existing skills base. Since launching the program, more than 1 million users have registered for self-paced courses, and the program was so successful that Fortinet announced in January 2021 that the courses will remain free for the foreseeable future.

Fortinet Training Institute

For all awards, the Fortinet Training Institute was evaluated based on its breadth, depth, and accessibility of its program offerings. Fortinet’s eight-level certification program is geared to all knowledge levels:  

  • NSE levels 1 to 3 assess a user’s knowledge of the threat landscape and can be helpful for anyone who wants to become more cyber aware. 
  • NSE levels 4 to 6 are courses designed for a technical audience. These focus on one’s ability to install, configure, and troubleshoot comprehensive, integrated network security controls in live environments. 
  • NSE levels 7 and 8 hone in on the expertise needed to fully leverage Fortinet solutions. To become NSE 8 certified, an elite distinction, candidates must have related industry experience and should have completed the appropriate Professional, Analyst, Specialist, and Architect designation training. Candidates are required to take a written exam plus a two-day hands-on practical exam.

Find out more about how Fortinet's Training Advancement Agenda (TAA) and Training Institute programs—including the NSE Certification programAcademic Partner program, and Education Outreach program—are helping to solve the cyber skills gap and prepare the cybersecurity workforce of tomorrow.